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Comment Re:come on! (Score 1) 535

I am afraid I have to tell you that "None of the Christian churches or all of them together directed the deaths of millions of people", while correct, is only "partially correct", as the Crusades did happen. And if not death, pedophilia and other things. These exist everywhere, it is as much of a fallacy to deny that they exist in the church just because it is holy sacred and whatnot.

Comment Its (Score 1) 336

It's "its", and that's killing my eyes. As for the subject, I believe netbooks had and still have their use but they're simply not for everyone and we've got to learn that and stop bitching about it.

Comment Re:KDE (Score 1) 671

Until I get the nerve to write my own app. I have quite some small apps that I just wrote myself. Battery readers, volume managers, handlers for keypresses, cpufreq graphical interface, etc.

gqview isn't broken, so I won't break it myself. If I want something else, I'll code that, period.

Comment Re:KDE (Score 1) 671

openbox fpbanel gmrun pcmanfm chromium mpd ario qtcreator gedit guake gnome-terminal parcellite nm-applet xcompmgr/cairo-compmgr evince file-roller libreoffice gimp gqview claws-mail

That's a list of what I usually need when I setup a new Linux PC. Sure, I gradually add more stuff, but that, alone, should be more than enough and there are obviously things to remove from that list in many situations.

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