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Comment Re:oh get real... (Score 1) 248

would apply to every Uni in the work as many people have said the politics and back biting at universities is intense as Sayre's law law states "Academic politics is the most vicious and bitter form of politics, because the stakes are so low.".

And I suspect that Mr Al-Khabaz,being a Colored gentleman (to quote Rowen Atkinson on not the nine o clock news) might have something to do with the severity of the punishment.

I am of course referring to the famous Constable Savage sketch

Comment Nah blame the Navies. (Score 1) 248

From experience at a top 5 consulting engineering firm if something went wrong it was normally the contractor who cocked up - one of my more interesting jobs there was reverse engineering a soil density program to prove that a sub contractor was at fault when a bridge fell of its supports :-)

Comment Re:Brown Trousers Time (Score 1) 103

so if its a flawed motion which take no regard of the consequentials eg

-international treaties
-legality of the law without having to rewrite other laws

Its going to get voted down or even removed as invalid - people need to read and understand Citrine, Roberts or erskine and may to understand how parliamentary systems work.

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