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Comment Re:It was a fail safe (Score 5, Informative) 210

It apparently did it's job. But apparently it was given the wrong job. It is accused (by the manufacturer, of course) that someone entered the wrong amperage that it should do its job at. Unlike home circuit breakers which come in specific amperage levels (and vary from unit to unit by plus or minus 10 percent which is considered acceptable), these relay devices, which are a component in an overcurrent protection system, cannot be made at fixed amperage levels due to economics. They are quite expensive to replace with another just to tweak the settings due to changes made elsewhere in the power distribution network, and the number of different amperage values needed would be very large. They can be expensive also because either they directly connect to current transformers that have high open circuit voltage potential, or operate from digital sensors on the current transformers. They are also expected to have accurate at better than one percent.

Comment Re:good thinking HA! (Score 2) 311

I suggest 2 different consoles, neither of which would need to be there for the kernel to do it's thing of running user space processes. One would be an optional in-the-kernel console complete with an in-the-kernel shell. Trim down it's capability and keep it small. The other would be an optional all-user-space console which can use the many user-space shells we already have, or any other program we want. PTY's definitely need to be pure user-space.

Comment Re:Unneeded (Score 1) 311

The only use for a console when the kernel is so hosed it cannot run any user space is to see the kernel's panic message. The console NOW is not useful unless user space is working. The issues I see are just details on how the console functionality gets moved to user space. It needs to support BOTH framebuffer and text mode displays. But definitely, all those things like cooked line input and such should be in user space, and even pluggable with a clean well defined interface that can be used in C as well as higher languages like Python.

OTOH, a completely kernel-only escape and recovery system would be nice, too. We do not have it, yet. That would require a kernel shell (with commands sufficient for emergency recovery only ... keep it a small optional module that the kernel does not need for day to day running so it can be left out if not needed).

Comment Re:They would have more primes to choose from ... (Score 1) 254

Maybe we could have more success with certainty by searching for non-primes. If you got the factors (even one factor is enough), such as 23*89 for 2^11-1, which some people think has to be prime because 11 is prime, then we could have more numbers. Why are primes so great? I can get tons of very large non-prime numbers by generating Pascal's triangle.

Comment What are these CCleaner files? (Score 2) 305

This will depend on the CCleaner files. If they are public visible files anyone can make for themselves, you might well have a valid case. If they are files Piriform makes, maybe not. You need an ATTORNEY to help you determine your position, and especially if they sue you. If the formatting of the CCleaner files involves a patented technology, they could have a valid basis to sue you (even though I would personally disagree with it). If the CCleaner files are encrypted, they may have a case based on cracking them. If they are in the clear, then it's no different than you having written a music player to play UNencrypted music files.

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