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Comment Re:Isnt he the "king of libertarians"? (Score 1) 611

I actually liked Ron Paul right up to the point of reading this. Anyone who preaches smaller government, less control, more personal freedom, and a truly free economy and does this...Well that person is a hypocritical 2 faced..politician.

He's a politician. I mean, you've been naive if you didn't think he would do this kind of stuff. It's one thing to preach about things that don't affect him personally and a whole another thing when they do.

Comment Re:Went without until I needed it for online meeti (Score 2) 393

Gimme a break. The GGP was talking about OS X, which pretty much implies Safari, and then you DON'T come back with "Well, if you are using Safari, use THIS (like I did)", or "If you use FireFox, you might want to check into...".

No, I deliberately used the wording "a suitable browser" so that it would NOT rule out any specific one. I do not know about Safari's capabilities because I do not own any Apple device and I have no interest to start Googling about a browser I don't use, so that's why I chose to use such a wording.

No, instead you made a snarky, side-swipe at Safari, and got called-out on it.

You wish I did, but just look through my comment history and point me to where I had done such previously; I have no need to bash OSX or Safari or whatever, I don't care what people use, I just wanted to make a point about how to avoid some of the vulnerabilities of Flash. The fact that you attack me like a rabid troglodyte, however, says a lot about you.

Comment Re:Went without until I needed it for online meeti (Score 1) 393

So, it seems that FireFox is no more "suitable" without a Flash-Blocker plugin that Safari, eh?

Did I say so? I never even mentioned Safari in the first place. I only said "a suitable browser," something that does not imply any specific one, and used Firefox as an example. You are the one who apparently has a need to twist things.

Comment Re:Went without until I needed it for online meeti (Score 3, Interesting) 393

I installed Flash, and it took me a few days to get used to the surprise of animated (and noisy) ads again.

Luckily, those are easy to circumvent if you just use a suitable browser. On Firefox the Adblock Plus - plugin generally manages to hide all ads and the likes, something that also includes most Flash - content, or you can use the Flashblock - plugin to disable Flash altogether on some sites or make it so that you must click on the item in question first before Flash gets loaded.

I have to add, though, that from the security perspective you should not run around without using Flashblock, there are still too many Flash - based attacks roaming the Internet and you never know when they land on your machine. An antivirus may help, but why let the virus/malware package on your machine in the first place?

Comment Re:Creepy spying (Score 3, Insightful) 64

Forget hacking, Someone is going to disguise it as a common place object and spy where they shouldn't. . .

There are much easier ways to go about that than buying one of these. I can think of atleast 12 different ways of hiding Linux-powered computers with networking and video capabilities in plain sight.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

There was a time before GMail. Email came as part of the services of the ISP.

It still often does. But for example my ISP only offers 25MB inbox with max. 2MB attachments and a webmail-interface from the 90s. When I can choose between that or GMail the latter wins hands down.

And it wasn't data-mined.

That's an assumption. And anyways, these days even ISP-provided e-mails are definitely data-mined.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 2) 513

Why would you want ads when reading your email at all? This seems to be horrible mental gymnastics to try to maintain "Google good!" fanboism.

There's this fancy thing called money, and you might have heard of the saying going something about "no free lunch.." You see, the service provider must be able to generate revenue one way or another, and that's either going to be an e-mail service you have to pay for, or that's being paid for by ads. If you can point towards an e-mail service with as good uptime and accessibility as GMail and one which doesn't require payments nor shows any ads then go ahead!

Comment Re:Avoid Linux! (Score -1) 251

How did it have the opposite effect? You responded. That was the effect they wanted.

I assumed the effect the OP was looking for was some sort of angry or distraught responses as trolls usually seek for. I found the post quite funny, plus I learned something new today by reading about this Eric S. Raymond, so that's not quite the same thing.

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