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Comment Oh and gov involvment isn't all bad (Score 1) 738

Another thing I don't understand, why doesn't the government subsidize some of the initial costs of fiber or broadband deployment and give the initial company an exclusive say, 5 year monopoly on it then allow others to bid on it and promote options / competitiveness. But hey, that's just me thinking out loud..

Comment Anyone want to tell him China is a real country? (Score 2, Interesting) 738

"We're so far ahead of everyone else, it's "not even close."

Wiki article -- "List of countries by number of broadband Internet users" (and yes I realize % wise, we have more, but if you look at it that way, South Korea and Canada have than us..

Although he is right on some of the issues, he is swinging and missing on some of the key issues. The FCC has to regulate somehow, if he as a better method that doesn't just poll in a way Verizon will come out #1 I'm sure they'd listen. But trying to regulate data usage isn't gonna fly for anyone Ivan. We've got to try to be better, so many people don't even have broadband...

Comment Missing the point. (Score 1) 207

Guys, seriously? Everyone agrees filtering can be bad and blocks good/legit websites! But think about it from the administrations perspective. You see schools getting sued all the time and teachers getting fired for mentioning different religions, sex, drugs, evolution in Texas. The problem isn't that there isn't a need for the hard filtering, we need to prevent these dumb as shit lawsuits from going anywhere and let teachers teach.

Parents, take responsibility for your dumbass kid and spank his 17 year old ass when he looks at porn at school, don't complain that he was able to.

Comment Who needs math... That'll be $2.. (Score 1) 427

So you're telling me that anyone under 6th grade will never have to count, ever, not for lunch at school, the change needed for a candy bar? God forbid he wants 3 candy bars and has to multiply, or wants to SPLIT a whole candy bar with a friend and divide.

Sounds legit, lets take out reading too and let our children just growl at each other until they are adults, then throw it at them all at once.

Comment Small Piece of a 1,000 piece puzzle. (Score 2, Insightful) 135

It's just a small piece of the pie. When they open it up to some other major players I'll be impressed.

It's not like this is a new concept, get with the times; it is for the security of your OS for christ sakes. Maybe cut down on why OSX or whichever OTHER OS anyone can name has such a virus advantage on you, if even slightly.

Oh and Yes I understand what Secunia entails, but it's still small.

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