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Comment Helloworld (Score 1) 267

For those who don't have a clue but still have urge to comment, here is "hello world" in F#:

[start snipp]


open System

printfn "Hello world\n"


[end snipp]

And another example illustrating what would would take a highschool kid to modify physics simulation:

[start snipp]


open System

let gravity = -9.81

let euler_explicit accel pos speed delta =
pos + delta * speed, speed + delta * accel

let euler_implicit accel pos speed delta =
let speed2 = speed + delta * accel in
pos + delta * speed2, speed2

let pos, speed = euler_explicit gravity 0.0 0.0 1.0 in
printfn "pos = %f speed = %f\n" pos speed

let pos, speed = euler_implicit gravity 0.0 0.0 1.0 in
printfn "pos = %f speed = %f\n" pos speed


[end snipp]

(taken from


Comment Re:WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE STILL USE IE? (Score 0, Troll) 259

Psychology of "facebook generation" explains this behaviour - majority of people have the urge to show themselves (through pictures, texts, videos, etc.) to others.
This is also known as a form of exebitionism. Makers of IE know that very well and use it to their advantage - by having peepholes in their products in order to gain popularity. The percentage of people using their products just proves the theory.

Comment Amazing (Score 1) 406

I have made startup page in my firefox (linux box, of course) just to drain their resources, and look what happened - they actually gained more publicity. I'll go now and shoot myself in the foot...

Comment Instead... (Score 1) 50

Instead of using (and possibly damaging) cellphone, make the "microscope" device usable on desktop or laptop computer:
Buy a cheap USB webcam, take it apart and remove lens - then write a simple program (probably using opencv) to analyse image, mark different cells and count them.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 757

All your points are correct from my standpoint.

After spending 7 years in sunny and colourful Berkeley, CA, I have decided to leave the states for good. Now after 7 years, I am more than glad for what I did - my kid is getting quality education and is able to play with other kids outdoors without fear of being kindapped for internal organs or shot as a bystander in random gang shooting.

Tap water quality is fine, but I still don't have courage to drink it - I must say I didn't drink California tap water either.

And as an software developer, I am able to complete jobs all over the world - online - sitting in my comfy chair.

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