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Comment Re:Predicting the future... (Score 4, Insightful) 141

This has nothing to do with your cookies, browsing history, etc. It will be an accumulation of your searches, shopping habits, media habits, social networks, etc. Your online behaviour as seen by third parties. They will scrape what they can and buy the rest. They are basically profiling people looking for correlations with their insurance risks. This is nothing new, it is what they have been doing for years. They are just looking at adding new data points that are cheaper and readily available.

Comment Doesn't take much to be noticeable (Score 1) 520

After getting a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones I was very disappointed in the sound quality of both my old Audigy 2 ZS and the on-board sound. There was a noticeable, high-pitched buzz all the time that was very annoying.

Purchased a HT Omega Striker and it sounds MUCH better. Not just no buzz but it just sounded better overall, particularly with the headphones. Quite a difference.

Comment D-Link Boxbee (Score 1) 516

I'm holding out for a D-Link Boxbee. It is small, dedicated hardware which supports both online streaming from netflix, hulu and such as well as full support for your local library of video/audio. Should be out this fall.

I'd provide links, but it's easier to just google for it.

Comment Re:here's my toolchain (Score 1) 410

You are assuming that the question was proposed by a person who likes tightly integrated systems like windows and mac provide. Not everyone does. Some prefer loosely couple and highly customizable systems that they can mold to their style.

Just because you like one thing don't assume everyone does.

Comment No Corporation Pays Any Taxes... Ever (Score 4, Insightful) 681

Basic economics. Corps don't pay taxes. Taxes are a cost. Costs get passed on to customers, shareholders and employees. They get passed on to you. You who buy any products made by corporations. You who has money in a 401K, Roth or any form of interest bearing account. You you work for a corporation.

There is no one else. Get over it.

Comment couldn't be more wrong (Score 1) 712

I think the author is being willingly blind for the sake of the story. Looking at the last few hundred years it is obvious that technological advances are working on something of an exponential curve and that they are going at a rate now so much faster than 100 years ago that our perceptions of them have changed. We now see the huge advances as the norm rather than the exception, whereas in the authors referenced time frame we saw relatively small advances as rare and groundbreaking.

Comment Re:Economic Freedom (Score 1) 1359

The American founding fathers were mostly liberals in the liberal-conservative debates of their day, which is one reason there's a bit of confusion.

This is true as long as you remember that this is not the modern day liberalism. The closest thing in modern day political parlance would be libertarianism.

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