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Comment Terrible headline (Score 1) 45

The novelty in this work comes from using this gene to restore pacemaker function, ie: the headline should read "Delivery of the gene Tbx18 to heart rebuilds damages pacemaker cells in animal tests". Use of a virus to deliver a gene is a routine procedure in the lab and has been done thousands and thousands of times... the current headline makes it sound like some kind of virus is out there that can improve your heart function, should you happen to be sneezed on by the right person.

Comment go go gadget (Score 1) 381

Personally I'd be fine with an inspector gadget style personal helicopter backpack. ( Would easily suffice for daily commuting to the job and back, leaving the car off the road until needed for weekend trips with the family.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: best way to take notes in the modern classroom? 3

Krau Ming writes: After about 8 years spent in research, I've made the decision to go back to school... medical school. When I last spent the bulk of my days sitting in lectures, I took notes with paper, and if the professor wasn't technologically impaired, he/she would have posted powerpoint slides as a pdf online for us to print and make our notes on. Since it has been so long, I am looking for some options other than the ol' pen and paper. Is there an effective way of taking notes with a laptop? What about tablet options? Are there note-taking programs that can handle a variety of file types (eg: electronic textbooks, powerpoint slides, pdfs)? Or should I just sleep in and get the lectures posted online and delay learning the course material until the exam (kidding)? Thanks Slashdot!

Comment Re:Get ready (Score 1) 1706

Yeah you're exactly correct. Every labelled emergency exit door in a building swing out. However, I don't think anything got quoted wrong, rather the image of a gun-wielding psycho kicking in a door appealed to the media more than lazy theater staff that hadn't ensured the doors were shut tight and locked from the outside.

Comment who likes risk? (Score 1) 164

i am so not doing this. at least not until i can have my phone permanently attached at the wrist a la pipboy. too risky. your phone gets stolen, which costs $$$, plus access to banking and credit cards??? not to mention the inevitable "whoops your personal banking info was exposed on the internet, sorry!" that will happen to thousands of people when the banks get hacked, or they goof, or your phone gets some kind of malware that lifts that info... NO THANKS BANKS.

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