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Comment Re:Wait a minute. (Score 1) 112

any tissue that is maintained by a population of resident adult stem cells (like skeletal muscle) can only be maintained through a finite number of adult stem cell divisions. at a certain point the telomeres of the DNA get chopped down too far and those cells that have "overdivided" become quiescent, ie: they won't divide any more. this results in that tissue losing the ability to maintain itself.

so the results of this are interesting, but we can only add this gene to the long list of genes that have been identified as "brakes" on tissue growth but have not turned out a practical use yet.

however, for now, professional baseball players and other elite athletes can cross their fingers that some drug compound can be identified to block NCOR1.

Comment Re:zzzzzzzzz... (Score 1) 938

and a whoosh to you sir. just a little joke to highlight the fact that many other causes of accidents go relatively unpunished but can be argued to be caused by equally negligent behaviour. lots of accidents occurred prior to the rise of cell phone use in the car. i do not condone cell phone use while driving, nor continuing to drive when exhausted.


Submission + - Balls Banned at Bubblewrap Public School (

Krau Ming writes: from TFA:
"The happy days of kicking a ball around at recess ended Monday after students took home a letter advising that henceforth, no child could bring a soccer ball, football, volleyball or even tennis ball to the junior and senior school... The letter stated that there have been a “few serious incidents” in which staff and students have been hit, or come close to being struck, by flying balls. From now on, only Nerf balls or sponge balls can be brought to school."

The bubblewrapping of our children continues...when will it end? Won't someone please just think of the children???

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