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Comment Re:Socially engineered attacks ARE a huge problem (Score 1) 205

Just what exactly *is* 'socially engineered malware' ?? which is apparently 'actually a huge problem currently.' ?
I'm curious to know?

In what was is it different to any run of the mill link that attempts to exploit browser vulnerabilities?
Most of which I believe are fixed by the browser vendors pretty quickly the minute they're known about.

Otherwise this whole study seems like a made up problem which is a bit of a non-issue and which appears to be
miraculously solved by only one vendor. Unsurprisingly the sponsor of said report.

Comment Wonder how long until ... (Score 1) 176

Wonder how long before there's winmo7 lawsuits as well.

MS & HTC, LG & Samsung seem to have cozied up nicely (since they're producing
winmo handsets), but that still leaves Nokia, maybe Motorola, Google and Apple

Although I kinda doubt Apple will enter the ring against MS on this one.

Comment Re:I see no AI in this case. (Score 1) 89

Agreed, they look mostly like sophisticated expert systems.

No new knowledge is produced by them.

However, how does an AI system produce knowledge?
And more usefully, how does it get to store that knowledge and pass
it on to other systems so that its 'learnings' can be built upon by other
systems to increase their sophistication?

If every system has to be built from scratch, I'm pretty sure that's going to hold
back the state of the art.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 606

What will you do with all of the extra copies of the people that you make?

All doppelgängers must be destroyed immediately!

This is usually easy enough to do in the male versions since they quite quickly grow a dark goatee and start doing evil things - so spotting them is never hard!

Comment Re:Apple advise (Score 5, Insightful) 119

It's weird. Every time Apple do something that appears on the face of it to be consumer friendly,
somebody's gotta have a bitch about it.

>I keep imagining Steve Jobs & mates having a laugh about all this.

Actually, I imagine, like any responsible business they sat around and thought
how best to stop these enterprising people who couldn't give a fuck about Apple from
keeping their legitimate customers from having the device they want at the time they want it.

But hey, if you're an evil bastard yourself then I guess you're going to expect others to be the
same as you, and thereby miss the obvious truth of the matter.

Comment Re:IMHO... (Score 0) 248

Maybe so, but Canonical, unlike say BeOS, don't stand alone.

They have the backing of thousands of enthusiasts, professionals and
even other vendors who will champion the cause of Linux and directly or
indirectly push each other's products to the forefront - all under the 'Linux' brand name.

Even now, I'm pretty sure Canonical are having the door slammed in their face by
every OEM. But they're clearly in it for the long run, and have one of the best Linux
offerings available. So I wouldn't count them out just yet.

Comment A Nice Chat About Software Patents Too (Score 0) 80

Would be nice if other countries also requested that at least a review of the validity and viability of software patents in the US be undertaken by the
US govt. as part of their ACTA negotiations too.

The rest of the world doesn't need that nonsense polluting our status books as well, so dealing the whole thing a blow
at the mother lode would certainly be a useful thing to do whilst there's a bargaining chip on the table.

Comment Re:Enemy of My Enemy, etc... (Score 0) 199

I think you make two really good points, Apple don't seem to care so much about vast market share (although, through no fault of their own they have that with the mobile mp3 market). Also market fragmentation, i.e. more players makes MS's job a lot harder. Before they really only had to compete with Symbian. Now they've also suddenly got Apple and Android to compete with.

The fact that HTC (the only manufacturer imo that had a decent Winmo device) is now shipping on Android further highlights the danger to them gaining much market share at all, never mind being the dominant player.

Comment Re:IIS and ASP.NET can’t compete with Wordpr (Score 0) 145

You're claiming that the success or failure of an application is a direct condemnation of the infrastructure stack that runs it? On that basis, I could cite any LAMP application that was ditched for a Microsoft stack application and say that Apache, PHP, and MySQL can't compete with (insert name of Microsoft stack application here) running on plain old .NET and an MSSQL database.

Not that MS would ever play it the other way around, citing every move away from Linux as a 'win' for MS technology
urging us to 'get the facts' ...

They seem a lot quieter about the 'facts' recently. Haven't heard much about their great success at e.g. the LSE for a while ....

Facts? We got 'em thx

Comment Scramble for Mindshare (Score 0) 360

Basically MS have lost market share, mindshare and respect for their browser and
now when they see the vista of browsers competing effectively against them, they've
sat down and said 'gosh darn it, how can we leverage our Windows(tm) advantage to recover
and totally dominate the Web once more?' What do the other guys not have that they just
can't emulate on our platform ?

And they all agreed that 'leveraging' DirextX would be the best.

So they've made up this pointless metric of displaying shit faster on the screen, like the web's
a video game or something and said - 'see, this is really important and we're the best at it! Now buy
Windows 7 and download IE9 so we can totally crush the competition already!'

I'm pretty sure they've also instructed every salesman and evangelist to trumpet IE9's hardware acceleration
to try and crowd out the competition.

MS really can't brook any competition in their playpen.

Comment telco threatening (Score 0) 311

Actually the zombies and mock funeral are more as a warning for the telcos.

Buy and install our KILLER ! OS or we bring in the zombies!!!

It's practically free! Or at least it will be until we kill the competition
and then we'll revert to Windows based er, competitive pricing.

That OK with you? Thought so ...
Right! Take the zombies on to the next one .. who is it? t-mobile heh heh heh hehhhhh

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