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Comment Anonymous Cowards? (Score 3, Interesting) 208

Sure they're scared of being sued! Just look at the track record.

You know, this wouldn't even be so much of a problem if the music industry (these publishers) charged a reasonable price for a CD that costs them a few cents to make. You know... a CD with 7 songs on it where 5 of the songs suck, 1 song is ok, and you really only wanted that 1 song you paid the $30 bucks for.

Instead, they want to sue Apple over royalties for the 30 second song previews on iTunes.

Comment What freedom? lol (Score 1) 698

It's no shocker that Comcast is trying to rip us off. Some people think the government will save us... whatever. They want their power control of the internet as well and we've seen enough evidence of that. Just look at the laws they passed and the new laws they want to pass.

Let's just own up and face it, the democans and the republicrats are all the same garbage. Seriously? We can wrap all of the peoples' needs into two "parties" when they are more loyal to the party than the public?

We don't have freedom of voting. lol What a joke. You know what we have? "Here's a couple of people the Counsel of Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve picked. Choose one." People wind up voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

Ya, so much for freedom. It's all rigged. We lost most of our rights a long time ago but now they are just being more obvious about it.

People who defend Obama are seriously deluded... just as deluded as the people who defend Bush. When are people gonna wake up and realize that this whole Republican and Democrat scam is a distraction and the clowns all work together, eat together, and make deals behind closed doors together?

Let's just hope people realize before it's too late and we wind up like China.

Comment Worse than that... (Score 5, Interesting) 128

Actually, I had some in depth talks with some friends from China about WoW.

They still only have level 70 because the government STILL hasn't "filtered" every last quest in WotLK for any themes that might contradict the Chinese government policies. I'm dead serious. The "censorship" is that horrific.

Not only that, but there are some really weird censorship issues you wouldn't expect. For example, there are no undead in Chinese WoW because the Chinese government won't allow any human bones to be shown in the game. So anywhere you see a skeleton, it had to be removed by Blizzard.

Comment Re:Not the first middle east nuke (Score 0, Flamebait) 630

There's no logic in this... only antisemitism. Some people have no logic when it comes to hatred.

Israel and Iran are not even close to the same thing. One is a country with a form of democrac, voting, women's rights, and many different peoples and religions. The other is a hardcore extremist Islamic state where they have openly promised to wipe us off the map (in Arabic of course), and they are controlled by a lunatic dictator who believes a world war will usher in the messiah.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of racist people who defy logic. I'm, actually, one that thinks the Israeli government sucks and is controlled by a bunch off asshats but you don't see me comparing Israel to Iran. That's ridiculous and you have some serious bias there.

Comment Homebrew apps are more popular than the app store (Score 1) 174

The app store is being replaced by Homebrew applications so it doesn't really matter what Palm does with the app store with the exception of having the application settings backed up. Furthermore, there are hundreds of free apps with new ones popping up every day.

I love my palm pre.

Comment Re:containment theory... (Score 1) 1032

How can you even compare these countries? It's so ignorant and biased.

Two countries have a form of democracy with many different peoples and religions (i.e. Israel and India).

One country has a freakin lunatic dictator and a death cult islamic regime and they promise to nuke Israel and America in Arabic (i.e. Iran) while saying the opposite in English.

When will people wake up? I mean, what the hell? You think Iran is only "joking"?

Comment Re:Why do you care? (Score 4, Informative) 427

Call me a "green" if you wish but lab results on some of the genetically modified food have shown stomach cancer in lab rats. You think this federal judge ruled against the crop without any reason at all?

If you want a ton of specifics (just too many to list here) about GM food and it's health effects, there's a good documentary (which also covers how farmers get screwed) call "The Future of Food" located at

Comment If this was Microsoft instead of Apple.... (Score 1) 600

Thank you. I was thinking the EXACT same thing. More things connecting equals sales on iTunes.

What's up with all the people bashing Palm over an ID to connect to iTunes? One of the reasons they did this was to have the option to buy music there.

If this was Microsoft (instead of Apple) then we would be seeing very different arguments here.

Submission + - Scientists Move Cells With Joystick (

plastick writes: "Biomedical research could someday look a lot like playing video games thanks to a new device that allows users to manipulate cells with the swerve of a joystick. A team of physicists and engineers at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio developed the device from a tiny piece of square-centimeter silicon inlaid with rows of zigzagging magnetic wires."

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