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Comment Re:Have they shown that hands-free devices help? (Score 1) 349

..help you with today?

Nope, that's excellent.

Now we can compare numbers. According to the this NCS article based on this 2009 National Safety Council estimate (pdf) we have 636,000 crashes, 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries, and 2,600 deaths by cell phone. For a total of about 1.4 million crashes. I selected this new link as it had grand totals like your 2008 data. If we just compare injuries and deaths we have...

  • drunk vs cell phone
  • 257,000 vs 342,000 injuries
  • 11,800 vs 2,600 deaths

Your numbers look good: 1) Drunks win at killing people 4 to 1. 2) Cell phone users pull ahead with injuries.

In conclusion: It's much more likely that I will be injured rather than killed. I'm slightly more likely to be injured by a cell phone user than a drunk. But, in the less likely case that the driver tries to kill me, drunks do a much better job.

Others can decide if the additional 636,000 crashes without injury are significant because we do not know how many drunks get away.

With the numbers above people can really decide on which they think is worse. I'd rather neither were driving around.

Comment Re:Have they shown that hands-free devices help? (Score 1) 349

Who cares! if they're not as bad as some a**hole with a .15 BAC LOL. There are hundreds of thousands of cell phone users. How many people have a BAC over .15? Are there that many drunks driving around because I see cell phones around me constantly. So the problem with cell phones is worse than drunk driving which would make your last statement correct.

As far as "playing" I think this has been completely one sided. You have not posted a single link to support any of your arguments. You aren't even in the game.

Comment Re:Have they shown that hands-free devices help? (Score 1) 349

The people above and I have included numerous links. I do not think ignoring news of death and destruction has anything to do with common sense. Include some links to statistics that indicate an "order of magnitude". Oh never mind, here it is car accident statistics. Looks like there are lots and lots of cell phone drivers causing problems. Here are facts on hands free vs hand held, there's no significant difference. Here's a study on drunk driving vs cell phone driving. A study from the University of Utah showing cell phones are as bad as drunk driving. There is lots of evidence if you're willing to do a little research.

My personal experience is that I have more trouble with cell phone drivers because there are so many out there. About an hour ago someone with a cell phone swerved into my lane. The road was perfectly straight.

Comment Re:Have they shown that hands-free devices help? (Score 1) 349

A guy driving a BMW tried to kill me. He wasn't paying attention and came over into my lane.

So what is the difference between drunk drivers or cell phone users trying to kill us?

The reason you do not hear about these things is because you do not research them. Searching the web reveals lots of death and destruction from cell phone users.

Comment Re:Always look on the bright side of life (Score 1) 739

I guess the phrase "significant factor" is what you thought my comment was about. I do not believe Linux is a large or even significant consideration in the sales of PS3s. It would be a consideration if I were going to buy one. With the feature removed it is a definite lost sale and others in the Open Source community feel the same.

It is strange to watch people throw money away yet I've seen it happen many times.

Comment Re:Have they shown that hands-free devices help? (Score 1, Informative) 349

I have found that cell phone users have actually tried to run me down on the motorcycle. Hold the phone, don't hold the phone, there is little difference once any thought provoking question is asked. The person on the phone is no longer giving operation of their vehicle proper attention. I would like to see the Driving Under the Influence laws modified to include cell phone usage. Anyone using one for non-emergency use while operating a vehicle should be subject to DUI laws and the appropriate insurance penalties. Want to make a call? Pull over so others won't be killed.

The conclusion of that Mythbusters episode was that using a cell phone was as impairing as drunk driving. If you do not believe Mythbusters, check out the NTSB (staff usage ban), NTSB (2006 CDL recommended ban), NTSB (2005 teen ban) or the Center for Transportation Research News. They know what the rest of us survivors do, that these people are dangerous.

Comment Re:Always look on the bright side of life (Score 1) 739

When I look at products I like to see Linux support listed. So I buy stuff from ZA Reason and System76 and used to like the PS3. If you have to hack it, the product has less of a future. Imagine a marketing department deciding to remove a major bullet point from the sales brochure, does this really make sense if you want to sell something?

Comment Re:I'm going to go out on a limb here.... (Score 1) 249

I would have stored the plans to my purple pony, created with Blender, on my DmCrypt partition, with the 30 plus character passphrase, that you have to type in when Fedora boots, and never even created a Facebook account. But I would have to agree with the comments above, most people don't care about what they use if it works.

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