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Comment Re:Payment Processors are Private Companies (Score 1) 95

Because of their stranglehold on the transaction market, it can be argued that they are a monopoly and perhaps subject to anti-trust legislation. Also the fact that they may have acted in concert may be deemed anti-competitive; there is plenty of legislation that the EFF can fight with. Admittedly it would be breaking new legal ground, but that hasn't stopped the EFF bringing such actions before.

Also by having a stranglehold on a particular market it is possible that you have a "right" to have your transactions processed, in the same way as internet access is in some countries, beginning to be seen as a right.

Comment Good idea (Score 1) 384

Why even have a central core at all? A distributed power system (hundreds of smaller reactors throughout the structure instead of one big reactor at the core) would completely eliminate that vulnerability and improve power uptime through sheer redundancy. An attacking force would have to destroy the Death Star piece by piece instead of blowing up the main core all at once.

Maybe you should organise them all with redundant interconnects; lets call it a Beowulf cluster of these....

Comment Re:And... (Score 3, Funny) 131

What kind of leverage/offer do they have (particularly the US firms)

I thought you cannot bribe (erm... lobby) European politicians as directly as in US?

There are plenty of ways to bribe people, perhaps you would like come out to this extremely nice 5* restaurant whilst we discuss the matter. Don't forget to bring your wife/mistress too.

Comment Re:Dumb Question (Score 1) 172

Why does the input air need to be chilled? Does this have something to do with using hydrogen in a turbine engine?

Design considerations. The front of the engine intake is where they keep all the Coors Light.

Its a British engine - all our beer is warm! We're actually trying for the worlds fastest ice cream van....

Comment Re:Scandinavia, the great country! (Score 1) 376

Our authorities are so fucking nice that even after Breivik blew up our government headquarters and shot around 80 kids.. one by one.. we still hadn't scrambled the military or even gotten choppers in the air. I honestly suspect if our police (who don't have guns) tried to take a 9 year old girls laptop they would comply when she kicked them and told them go away :)

I couldn't decide whether your comment was +1 Funny, +1 Insightful or +1 Tragic

Comment Re:Suspicious (Score 2) 345

Reading the Telegraph (fairly respectable paper) article, it actually links back to a story on the Daily Mail.

Since the latter is a hate-filled gutter rag that makes up whatever lies suit its agenda, I'd suggest taking this story with a vary large pinch of salt.

Correction, the latter is a hate-filled gutter rag read by a huge part of middle class England which believes what it prints (which is the real problem)

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