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Comment The GPA system isn't condusive to learning (Score 3, Informative) 441

A class may have the same name and number on a transcript, but that class is completely different depending on who is teaching it.

Take for instance a math class. Some teachers allow notes, give extra credit for showing up, and extra credit on their tests. Yet other teachers do not allow any of that. In the former case a C+ effort can yield a B+, while the in the latter a B+ effort may only yield a C+. The second student may have even learned more than the first one, but the second student made the mistake of taking the harder teacher.

It's this reason students get on ratemyprofessor.com and systematically choose the easiest classes. If students take the harder teachers, even if they learn more, they're punished in their GPAs for doing so.

Comment Re:The Lie that Nobody tells (Score 1) 412

A number of American teachers and principals have been caught changing grade, or giving out answers to standardized tests. Here's one such incident


I'm not sure how wide spread this is, but it goes to show that similar things to what you described are occurring in America.

Comment Re:I was poor, you fuck. (Score 1) 177

I'm not sure when you when to school. Now, with a pell grant, state grant, and Stafford loans I've have no problem paying for school without working. Though now loans, at least federal loans, aren't really a problem to payback under the Income Based Repayment program.

Under IBR your loan payments are set at 10% of your adjusted gross income past 150% of the federal poverty level, and capped at a maximum of what you would pay on a 10 year repayment plan. After 20 years the remaining balance is discharged and counted as income.

Maybe it's just me, but I find $50,000+ for undergraduates in loans that you may only payback a fraction of, and don't have to make payment if you aren't making money to be a generous offer to students with little to no credit.

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