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Comment Re:How about Fedora? (Score 1) 685

Amazing to me how many repliers are still referencing "RPM Hell". RPM Hell hasn't existed for a long time, and yum is speedy and makes installing software as easy as it is under Ubuntu. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't used Fedora in a long, long time. I also tend to think Fedora has better quality packages overall... they have some pretty strict guidelines for how things are packaged up and vetted before being added to the repository (another contributing factor that limits overall size IMO).

Ubuntu does have a larger software repository however -- and don't have as many qualms about including "non-free" software that often can be the key to making things "just work" (video drivers, wifi drivers, etc). Sure there are third party repos for Fedora that do the same, but a user would need to go find them and set them up. Not as integrated.

Fedora itself also tends to be a bit more bleeding edge. This attracts the developers, but might scare away the average joe user who doesn't want to deal with quite as much churn between releases (although Fedora does a great job of QA'ing!).

Just my $0.02. I'm a Fedora user myself...

Comment If you need RH's services.... (Score 1) 666

A RHEL subscription provides:

  • Guaranteed timely updates
  • The ability to file bugs via a paid SR and receive supported hotfixes

  • Technical support

CentOS does a good job of releasing updates fairly quickly, though not necessarily between point releases. Especially if point releases occur when a point release for multiple versions of RHEL is released simultaneously. You can be stuck in a lurch for quite a while while CentOS's small team works hard to get things going.

As to getting bug fixes... this has primarily been helpful at my company as we write software that runs on RHEL and occasionally need to ensure bugs in RHEL provided software are fixed in a timely manner. It's nice to be able to escalate a BZ entry via an SR and a TAM or account rep.

Tech support you may or may not need. Perhaps if you're the only Linux "expert" or if you want that extra assurance or a vendor to "blame" if something goes south.


Comment Comeon, /. (Score 3, Insightful) 306

has a hard time holding the line against health care or tax cuts for the richest Americans.

Flamebait like this in the article summary just will veer the discussion completely off-topic.

It's also why I now have AdBlock Plus turned on when I (less frequently) browse this site.

Tone down the obvious political bias! Thanks!

Comment Misleading subject. (Score 0, Flamebait) 541

Hardly cleared. Sounds like further investigation is needed (and will be performed).

The positive out of all of this is that the "skeptic" side is finally being heard instead of being completely ignored as heretical by the clergy of the Church of Global warming. There's way too much money to be made in all this carbon/green stuff for it ever to completely go away, but at least now we may be more inclined to focus on immediate and concrete issues rather than a wild goose chase.

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