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Comment Re:Top shelf vodka (Score 2) 127

Most of what passes as "good" vodka, at least here in Canada, is pretty bad. It's not supposed to mean filtered a billion times, it's supposed to mean it tastes good. I didn't really get what vodka was about until I was given a bottle of Luksusowa, which is delicious on the rocks or even just as a straight sipping drink.

I'm with you about whiskey though. I have a hard time finding good bourbon (though had the pleasure of drinking some good ones over Christmas) so I mostly stick to scotch. Mmmmmmm....

Comment Re:Replicator (Score 1) 633

Um... what?

I see your point if people used replicators to print money. But if you have a replicator, and can create any material good at will, and you're using it to print money, you're doing it wrong.

If anything, replicator technology would cause hyperdeflation. That could be why the Federation doesn't have currency anymore, except for trading with other states.

Comment Re:Computer science... (Score 2) 564

Same here. At my school keyboarding was a 9th grade "business" credit, as a vestige of the old secretarial program.

The standard was the same as in the summary - 30 words per minute. I finished the course being able to type 95wpm and earned the "academic" achievement award. It definitely wasn't worthless, though - I easily doubled or tripled my typing speed over the course of the year, which has done me more good than a lot of the things I learned in more "serious" courses.

Comment Re:This one's been posted on Slashdot before... (Score 3, Interesting) 240

What I find exceptionally absurd about this is that author of the article, Riyad Kalla, is complaining about fake reviews on Amazon, but the TFA has a link to another article in the "related articles" section, by the same author, celebrating that Denon one you mention. So he finds fake reviews hilarious, except when he doesn't. And writes articles about them in both cases.

Comment Re:I'm sticking with VGA (Score 2) 356

From my experience there usually is, but they don't document it very well.

For example, I have a Samsung TV with a PC hooked up by HDMI. To turn off overscan and rescaling, I have to go into the menu to rename the input and rename that HDMI port "DVI/PC". Everything in the UI suggests that's just the name I'll see on the input menu, and for every other combination of input type and possible name I've tried, that's all it is. The manufacturer's docs say I should do this when connecting a PC but don't say anything as to why. But the problem isn't that there's no option to do this, just that the option seems to be deliberately buried.

I imagine many other TV manufacturers have similarly stupid systems.

Comment Re:Measurement opportunity (Score 1) 446

When Android games are 1 dollar and still pirated heavily it is hard to believe that those pirates would have paid for the data plan but not bought any games. Pirates should not be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to software that is affordable.

Any games? You're probably right. But a specific game? I dunno... there are lots of things in this world I wouldn't pay a dollar for but would gladly accept for free. The fact that I'll pay a dollar for some things does not make this any less true.

Comment Re:Tom Flanagan, Hilarious Idiot (Score 4, Interesting) 579

And this guy's an adviser to the Canadian PM? What kind of advice does he provide? "Well, sir, I think you should grow wings and save the internet or at least threaten to break its kneecaps if it doesn't shape up."

Former adviser. Media outside of Canada likes to leave that part out, I guess because it makes it seem like our government is reacting to WikiLeaks.

No one in Canada takes him seriously, he just goes on CBC and says outrageous things. It's pretty amusing that he was taken seriously internationally.

Comment Re:But but (Score 2, Informative) 290

But when was the Bible not translated? Ulfilas translated it to Gothic in the 4th century, and there are English and French translations from later in the middle ages. A quick wiki search shows up that the ban on translation was made by Pope Gregory IX in the 13th century, and it doesn't seem to have stopped much.

Maybe "translating" really means "owning" and people didn't own it because it was prohibitively expensive until the printing press. If you can't afford a book, what does it matter what language it's in?

Also, what does this have to do with TFA? I'll be quiet now.

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