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Comment Politically correct incorrectness (Score 1) 703

A friend and I worked at a major law firm (we have both since left there). He left before I did. About 6 months before he left, the firm decided to do a marketing brochure to show how ethnically diverse we were. They located one of each ethnicity they could find (about 7 lawyers as I recall), and did a photo shoot.

He left voluntarily (was not fired), but I recall that coming in the morning after he left, there was a photocopy picture of the 7 ethnically diverse lawyers at the firm, and he (or someone) had cut himself out of the picture. No note - this was years before email, the web etc.

I thought it a poignant statement, made without words, which of course to my knowledge not a single senior partner understood (or accepted). It would be hard to do that so anonymously today via an email - no one really knew whether he did it or someone else did.

This lawyer today is very, very successful and has a very important position in internet law policy making at the federal level.

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