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Comment Re:Still trivialising the issue (Score 2) 633

theres also the issue of people not having a way to pay even a token amount..
for example, I have no way to purchase anything from outside India online, as I dont have a credit card, so for many things the choice is pirate or dont get it.
Similarly, movies(eg: the Saw series) are often not released here, and TV shows (BBT,etc..) are often many seasons behind here, so torrents it is.

Comment Re:A Prime Example of Externalized Costs. (Score 4, Informative) 270

p.s. why is the comment entry window so narrow? More breakage - Slashdot was more usable in 1998 than it is now, but hey I guess this is progress... bah!

thats because its in idle view
change the url from
and it will be fine?(u cn put anything instead of ile)

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