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Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 1695

Rackspace is not a carrier though. It is a hosting service.

In real world terms, lets say the road is the internet. Some municipality owns this road, you have to pay a toll to drive on it. But no one is going to stop you from having a car full of for instance, swastika pins.

On the other hand, say you rent a store front at the mall and decide to sell these pins. When you sign the lease, there is a clause that says "....You agree not to distribute hate material or propaganda, or anything else deemed offensive...". If you don't agree with this clause, don't sign the contract. Buy your own land and open a store.

You have no right or entitlement to be able to rent that store, and if you break contract, they can shut your store down. In this same way, Rackspace should NOT be forced to allow you to keep your site hosted. If you want to do something that isn't allowed by contract, run your own host.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 2, Interesting) 473

In fact, every study not funded by an RIAA label has demonstrated that music pirates spend more on music than non-pirates.

Could you cite these studies? I have heard this repeated time and time again, and while I agree with your argument as a whole, I'd like to actually read over one of these studies that people keep referring to.

Comment Re:app store lock in will kill macs and the law ma (Score 1) 239

There are PLENTY of other tools other than visual studio that can be used to develop for windows. Free. In many different languages too!

A bit off topic, but Microsoft actually offers Visual Studio and many other tools for free to students via DreamSpark. Not old and outdated either, newest versions and such. I have always been anti-MS but this actually seems like a sensible move to encourage develpment.

Comment Re:Too scared to say that the iPad sux, I guess .. (Score 3, Insightful) 622

My netbook:

Does it weigh less than two pounds?


Can you just turn it off with a single button and toss it on the couch or chair without worrying about hard disk damage?

SSD, so yes.

How well does it work with just touching the screen as an input device.

Why would I want smudges all over my screen when I could type on a physical keyboard with tactile feedback and control it without tiring my arm?

No, you are comparing laptops to tablets, like comparing a Cessna 172 to a Boeing 737.

"Yea, but you can't fly from Anchorage to Portland nonstop with 137 people, so it's not really an airplane..."

No, its more like comparing a roller coaster to an airplane. You are in the air, and it's kinda cool but entirely useless, and in the end you cant choose where you're going and end up back where you started.

Yea, right now I'm on my laptop because I'm running BT and yep, my iPad won't BT, but since I've gotten my iPad it's used for about 85% of my casual surfing and my other laptop, the 17" gaming rig sits alone because I don't want 8 pounds on my lap.

Im Guessing those other 15% have flash?

Comment Both? (Score 1) 551

AFAIK dell hasnt been shipping a disc since at least 2005. I was actually quite surprised when my lenovo laptop came with a disc last year and also had a recovery partition. Paid no extra, didn't ask for it, and it probably cost an extra $0.05 to lenovo to press the disc. I have no problem paying the premium for them to press the disc if it is included in the product price.

Comment Re:Why ask? (Score 1) 437

I did not say that anything was right or wrong, other than it being wrong to compare personal use with profit when personal use can be compared with personal use and profit with profit. Not once did I say downloading a song or any form of piracy was ok.

Comment Re:Why ask? (Score 2, Insightful) 437

I dont think that the 'pro-piracy' comments refer to people who steal music/movies/games and sell them. Downloading say, a song, without paying for it and listening to it, is more analogous to printing this picture and putting up on my wall to look at it. On the other hand, downloading a song and selling it is analogous to what happened in this case with the picture. So before you get all high and mighty, please compare the like scenarios instead of skewing things to fit your needs.

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