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Comment Robots will replace blue collar labor (Score 4, Insightful) 625


this is not even the first step

blue collar labor in america by and large has no future. The government needs to change the economic model to start developing our children's mind from a young age. and i mean, like making educational material -- like chemistry sets, cheap enough so that it's almost free

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 78

Mitsubishi has plans for making the f-16 and the f4-phantom from the united states. they have legal liscenses for this.

chances are, they also have the plans for the f-35. and if thats the case.... well dont expect america's allys to have the edge against their adversaries.

Comment Re:One Of The Best Things About Being A Mac User (Score 1) 551

apple's business model revolves more on the hardware, rather than the OS

there is a reason why i can buy windows 7 pro for $170 (virtually any PC) and snow leopard for $30 (and can only be installed on intel macs)

and to reply to the topic, you can still download the iso from MS or sometimes (use the label on your machine as the key), the manufacturer.

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