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Comment Re:What about Flash games and other stuff? (Score 2, Informative) 328

You are trying to convince me that OOP is not related to inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. Sure, you can do without it. But I don't care what Alan said about it, it's still a pretty damn important part of programming with classes and objects.

And Flash is not JIT. You get some flash code, compiles it using Flash or Flex into a .swf file and then you send that file to the server. With Javascript, you get some code and just send it to the server. See the difference?

I, again, don't care what the engine will use at the end. That's semantics, we would be arguing all the way down to the hardware. The important part is: to get your AS code running, you must put it through a compiler. This is important because it reveals syntax errors, for example, includes the currently present classes around it in the file and correct general simple programming mistakes ("this class doesn't have a foo property", "this variable is the wrong type", etc).

Comment Re:Sequel? No, give us Silmarillion (Score 1) 298

del Toro making movies about the stories from the Silmarillion. Seems like an excellent idea, but it might lose some of the awe. Reading about how beautiful the silmarils were, for example, is one thing, actually seeing them on the big screen is another. It's a very delicate path, but if done well, I would kill to see that movie.

Comment Submitter should have RTFA (Score 1) 407

From the rulebook (pdf file):

Programs written in Visual Basic, Java, PHP or Python may run slower due to the overhead of the associated interpreters and/or virtual machines. The judges may at their discretion increase the time limits for these languages accordingly. Contestants should note that this will not give these languages an advantage

That's how contests with multiple language choices almost always work. It's really easy to implement a naive solution in C that performs 10x better than a good solution in Python, even for fairly large inputs.

With that rule in mind, I say go for Python all the way.

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