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Comment Only Stephan Wolfram would be self absorbed enough (Score 1) 23

Only Stephan Wolfram would be self absorbed enough to give himself a science fiction name (like a Cyborg) and be so full of himself as to write a treatise on the "Chi" of navel gazing via Facebook!

The man is an insufferable, effete pseudo-intellectual snotnose with delusions of godhood.

Comment Re:Clip (Score 1) 1862

Every dictator that ever seized power anywhere in the world, disarmed the public first, the ONLY difference between OUR dictatorship an theirs is that we have an endless supply of tyrants whereas the others had only one each!

Endlessly repeating the BULLSHIT fairy-tails of your corporate sponsored neoliberal masters will not make them true!

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

"Why would anyone think that passing a law to make high capacity magazines illegal would ever prevent a dedicated individual intent on shooting people from obtaining one?"

Because politicians are almost all lawyers, and all they're good for is robbing America blind and writing endless, redundant mostly unenforceable laws!

Comment Re:Clip (Score 1) 1862

A lunatic is a very dangerous thing, and when you close the "gun door" aside from taking us one more step down the same pathway as Hitler and Stalin did for their people, you just make sure that the lunatic has to do more research like Ted Kaczynski did or the very many suicide bombers who blew up city buses full of people around the world.

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