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Comment Re:Per-client encryption: WEP vs WPA (Score 1) 332

You know.. what you say is true, but of course useless and we are (depending on how you count) on the 2.5th or 3rd iteration of WiFi "security". The thing with WPA2-PSK... the whole shit is actually somewhat complex, its isn't any simpler than a DH protocol. What merry band of fucktards could do this? How could the system break down so badly. I know standards bodies suck anushole... but how could such shit like this happen.

Comment Re:Welcome to 4chanbook (Score 1) 108

Well.. not really.

There is a difference.. 4chan *is* an image board and really nothing more. It's content and the type of images (and I was implicitly endorsing nostril rape as positive, mind you) are driven entirely by the users. The site carries very little aesthetic or even direction (although it has some) on its own.

Lamebook is supposedly catering to a specific purpose, but it is just using whatever piece of crap blog software they could find for it, putting up butchered, pain in the ass pngs, which is certainly not elegant. The comment system sucks worse than 4chan, believe it or not. And probably the biggest problem is that it is so heavily ad-driven it looks like shit with or without AdBlock.

I'm not trying to sound all pro *chan -- but is that really what Lamebook wants to be, yet another shitty chan? Then call it Lamechan.

BTW, Lamebook basically reminds me of failblog, but not quite as lame... but close.

Comment Re:Insulting failure of reading comprehension (Score 1) 384

Oh yeah, just to emphasize your doltishness... The ARM includes processor core IP that is integrated or implemented both with and without an MMU. That is MY ENTIRE POINT. Since the option is there, if your plan is so well thought out, why do integrators EVER use the MMU if it is merely an option and according to you seems to be unnecessary?

Comment Re:The software was crap not the hardware (Score 1) 384

Yeah, that doesn't count.. Blaming OSes for micros in 1985 for not using what is basically emulation for everything is really quite silly.

Even today, there is virtually no platform that doesn't allow some native code execution to 3rd parties. Those that don't are very limited in their application (and yes, a mainframe as impressive as it may be, doesn't make a very good machine for running Crysis or playing Farmville).

Also you do realize that modern JIT implementations rely on a modern MMU to offer minimal performance costs.

Comment Re:or just use proper security (Score 1) 122

Firesheep users are generally not malicious actors... just pranksters. Ironically, a real malicious actor would just use Firesheep to just grab sessions and then use SSL as described to actually use them, which would be beyond what BlackSheep could deal with. I wonder if that is already doable with the install of the EFF extension and Firesheep and no other modification.

Comment Re:Here's what's REALLY ACTUALLY happening (Score 2, Funny) 108

Ok... after looking over the facts I am taking Facebook's side.

Lamebook may be a parody site, it may even feature nostril rape, but that site is an absolute mess and looks like shit, and its basically a shitty blog of images. Based on technical merits alone it should be wiped off the Internet by any means possible. This kind of shitty design shouldn't be encouraged.

Facebook is doing the right thing.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 565

Oh god you over-literal fuckwit.

My comment had nothing to do about slavery directly or the 3/5 compromise itself. It was a comment relevant to the thread, not intended to be a history lesson. Get over yourself, history nerd.

For starters: The word "started" was used imitating the original post, and that was meant in an informal style. Relative to the enforcement of the US constitution as the law-of-the-land, what was said about "started" was perfectly accurate. And that's right, heavens, I'm implicitly ignoring the AoC in the interests of brevity and assumed irrelevance in this case.

Your "helpful" history-lesson, Professor Nerdrage, doesn't actually contradict my point in response to this thread. My point wasn't to repeat 8th grade history, sorry.

Comment Re:They jail for this in Europe now? (Score 1) 321

But the whole denial thing is really anti-Nazi. No one denies that Hitler hated jews... I have yet to hear a neo-Nazi claim that Mein Kampf wasn't authentic. Few would argue what was meant by "Final solution".

So denying the holocaust is just a big fucking middle finger to Hilter and all his friends... basically calling them incompetent.

It's anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler. And who will protect them??!
Luckily section 189 of the German Criminal Code, where it is illegal to disparage the memory of a deceased person... So these neo-Nazis are breaking that law as well.

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