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Comment Re:Well then (Score 2) 61

I wasn't aware of the 'Amazon Basics' line of products until now, look like good stuff reasonably priced.

A couple checks though and it looks like is still a fair amount cheaper- no idea if quality is comparable, but I don't really have any problems so far with monoprice.

Comment Re:Needs to stop (Score 4, Interesting) 397

Thats the point though- this would theoretically be perpetrated by the cable providers, and they attempt to recoup all of their lost tv revenue via increased internet costs.

Comcast already did it without usage based billing- I have internet only and they jacked it up to $70/month from $40, if I bought a internet + tv package it'd be $75.

Comment Re:Renewable or infinite? (Score 1) 835

Nuclear power is not really renewable -- eventually all the uranium and thorium on Earth will be mined

Solar* power is not really renewable -- eventually all of the hydrogen in the core will be fused.

*and every form of power related to solar: wind, hydro, bio, probably more.

While this is kind of a smart ass answer- the reality is we don't need an energy source to last forever, just long enough for us to either get off this rock, or go extinct. The later will happen in the next 100,000 years (couldn't find a cite in time, but often discussed on universe today, because of solar heating) if we don't leave.

Comment Re:A REALLY bad idea (Score 1) 427

I think your missing the obvious thing here (as pointed out upstream). Theres no need to require the government to _provide_ access to everyone. We just need them to stop trying to pass laws that restrict it.

From above, something worded as: Congress shall make no law .

That says nothing about providing access to anyone, just limits Congress's ability to screw people over when they're not looking.

As I mentioned about no such limitations on access to electricity, the same is true for food and water. When there is a hint of Congress limiting access to one of those _then_ I (and everyone else) will worry about it. Until then its pretty much ridiculous, they have however shown great delight in writing laws about limiting the internet in the last decade, and its only a matter of time before they get one to pass.

Comment Re:Well, I have one.... (Score 1) 235

Reasonable questions, but the problem with every government program is that they will always eventually have the same answers, regardless of original intent:

-It doesn't really matter, at the minimum it'll be available to any government agency just by asking, without oversight
-Forever (or as long as their IT sleaze can feasibly maintain)
-Mostly for reported 'problems'* but also for lulz

*problems being defined as anything, everything and whoever the current government isn't fond of.

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