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Comment Re:I got hit by a very similar one (Score 1) 70

Install noscript, and use it to turn off plug ins except where you want them. My computer is set with a default deny policy for browsing the internet. I have noscript, I block everything untrusted, including flash and iframe, I also have CookieSafe, and I block all cookies except those I want, and I have adblock plus to block all adds, and malicious tracking sites. NoScript will block almost all active content in Firefox. If that's not good enough install Opera, and configure it how you want it (Opera is easier to configure to block all content than Firefox).

You can always install Linux. That'll give you better security then taking your XP box off-line and transferring data with a flash drive.

Comment Re:Get over it... (Score 1) 474

The seeing people again part, having them recognize your face, being able to fact check other people's statements (by mutual friends). Being able to touch each other (for better or worse); you can be hurt if you start a fight, or get arrested, and you can have sex, have a child. The internet is not the real world.

Comment Re:With RedHat. (Score 1) 192

You can fix the 800x600 problem with

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

in terminal. GParted isn't automatically installed on Ubuntu, you have to install it from the repository. Use the "Add/Remove Software" utility to search for it, and install for it.

Windows is far from easy to use too. The only idiot proof OS is Mac.

Comment Re:Howdy (Score 1) 172

Install Linux or XP (the extra $35 for crossover office is worth it, if you need office). Linux fixed that problem on my laptop. I bought this laptop for school, I didn't want or need flashy graphics, or anything beyond basic computer functions, and I didn't want to carry anything else around or pay for it.

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