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Comment Re:Crore = 10^7 (Score 2) 135

It's not that hard. The only difference being that the Indian system uses 10^ odd numbers, more often primes, as a reference.

And thus : 10^0,1,2,3,5,7 all have names - 10^5 being a lakh and 10^7 being a crore. A complete list is rather interesting, showing that the system predates Western mathematical formulations: and having pecularities like bodhisattva ( or ) —10^37218383881977644441306597687849648128.

You gotta ask...why 10^37218383881977644441306597687849648128?!

Comment Re:What about the 'junk' DNA? (Score 1) 112

It's a frozen accident during early attempts to clone genes. When you were cloning genes, you got lots and lots of other non-coding regions into your test-tubes and bacteria that you weren't interested in. Hence , it was called 'junk DNA'. Hence, you know that 'junk DNA' that you get when you try to clone something? Most of the genome is made of that stuff.

It was by no means a statement on the importance of that DNA.

Comment Re:What else would it look like? (Score 1) 215

Seriously, are you trolling or simply do not understand that this IS scientific information about Martian terrain, geology, soil, tectonics, atmosphere etc. With respect to earth, it tells us a lot about the Goldilocks zone's extent. Mainly because the other 2 terrestrial planets - Mercury and Venus don't seem to have terrain like the earth.

Do you think there is just one kind of dusty, rocky desert?
Go to the Atacama desert, and then to the Gobi desert, and to the Sahara. Tell me if you think they are the same.

Comment Re:Different viewpoints (Score 2) 86

Biologists do not see DNA as merely a storage medium. This might be an issue of semantics, but when biologists say "DNA" , they mean the molecule. Just plain DNA.

For it's 'non-storage-only' functions, DNA needs a bunch of proteins and RNA molecules. This entire functional and dynamic assemblage is referred to as 'chromatin'. This is why a bunch of other terms exist - exon, intron, promoter, enhancer, gene, telomere, tandem repeats, restriction site, nucleosome etc. Clearly, these are made up of DNA, but encode functions that are referred to by different names.

Comment Boxes can be complicated (Score 3, Insightful) 639

Packaging can be weird to understand. Some of the simplest-looking boxes are often hard to manufacture and use to package a product on a assembly line.

Remember that customer experience while unpacking is perhaps the most transient, short-lived event in the life of a product. Other factors such as safety while transport, shelf-appearance and the quality of the product itself is far far more important. And lets not get started about environmental costs of packaging.

It is easy to get all of it if you have a profit margin like Apple does - about 50%. The Nexus has a profit margin of barely 5-7%. So yes, they may cut corners on the box.

But something tells me people who want a Nexus get that the packaging is irrelevant enough as to be worthless within 2 minutes of the customer having finished it. Unboxing is where the function of packaging finishes.

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