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Submission + - Delayed Gratification Study Also Predicts Credit S (

Pierre Bezukhov writes: The Stanford marshmallow delayed gratification test is one of the most influential behavior studies in modern history.

Conducted by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel in 1972, it has proven to be a solid predicator of success in life and is used by elite preschools to screen their young candidates.

Now, a new study has shown that the ability to delay gratification for adults can also predict credit scores, arguably a metric of financial success in the United States.

Professors Stephan Meier of Columbia University and Charles Sprenger of Stanford University recruited 437 low-to-moderate income people in Boston for an experiment.

Each was asked whether he prefers smaller, more immediate rewards versus larger, more distant awards. The professors found that those who opted for the larger, more distant awards also happened to have better credit scores.

Comment Re:How could this have sunk WordPerfect? (Score 1) 472

If you read all the Grokaw documentation you see emails from MS execs (including BillG) stating that by allowing Office to have access to these namespace extension it (Office) would have a significant advantage over all other competitive suites (including WP, and the emails may even call out WP by name).

Submission + - Pre-sales of 'disappointing' iPhone 4S fail to dis (

hazytodd writes: Despite assorted cries of disappointment following Apple’s iPhone 4S unveiling last Tuesday, pre-sales of the company’s latest smartphone have seemingly been nothing short of impressive. But this is hardly a surprise. AT&T sold more than 200,000 iPhone 4S handsets during the first 12 hours of pre-order availability, making this the carrier’s most successful AT&T iPhone launch to date according to a company spokesperson.

Comment Re:A programming language inside documents? (Score 1) 117

I use VBA macros in Excel to manipulate data and images that I have to do regularly. Why is VBA good? Because I have not programmed a full program since grad school in Fortran in 1985. I am able to use VBA to take an existing GUI (Excel) and add functionality in short order since VBA is so similar to Fortran. I already store the data (and images) in worksheets for my science research. And when I want to curve fit the data, or rotate, shrink and place 100 images I use VBA. There is a very active community to help you work through the criptic syntax, I usually can get past a barrier in 24 hours. So the reason to keep VBA is for all the thousands of lone users like me just trying to get our work done.

Submission + - US Senate and House Servers down 1

ctmurray writes: After Obama's speech tonight my wife tried calling our rep and her voice mailbox was full. She tried to get to the House and Senate web pages to email our rep and got a "not available" screen. She also tried calling the Capitol switchboard and you get a busy signal.

Submission + - IBM's 1st Patent Granted 100 yrs ago - PunchCards (

darthcamaro writes: IBM got its first patent 100 years ago in 1911 for a punch card tabulation machine — i.e an early computing machine. According to IBM the same basic ideas of figuring out how store stuff are relevant today 100 years later.

"The very first patent was the foundation of early automated computing, where the punch card tabulation system is the heart of efficient data processing," Meyerson said. "Although it doesn't seem like mind numbing technology today, the fact of the matter is this was a game changer a hundred years ago."

Comment Re:Non-units "holy war" thread here (Score 2) 86

Politics of NASA and congress, I suspect led to the 3 month window. NASA could get funding for the launch and then 3 months of operation (where they were very sure these would last 3 months). Once you are on Mars AND the equipment is still running, then you can ask for and probably get more funding from Congress. In the same vein, if they die around 3 months or slightly after (for whatever reason) NASA can still declare the mission a success (and thus get future funding from Congress). Recall we had a string of Mars missions not working at all. So a short "estimate" is a win - win for NASA and its relations with Congress.

Submission + - Amazon taking down erotica, removing from Kindles (

ctmurray writes: The independent writers who publish on Amazon report erotica books containing incest are being taken down with no explanation by Amazon. Selena Kitt writes " I want to be clear that while the subject of incest may not appeal to some, there is no underage contact in any of my work, and I make that either explicitly clear in all my stories or I state it up front in the book's disclaimer. I don't condone or support actual incest, just as someone who writes mysteries about serial killers wouldn't condone killing. What I write is fiction."

Kindle's own TV ad features a book that has a story line of sex between a 19 yr old and their stepmother, defined in some states as incest ("Sleepwalking" by Amy Bloom). There are other books such as the Bible that describe incest. Please read the blog post for some insightful thoughts and post suggestions on what can be done to keep Amazon off the slippery slope.

Comment Re:Write a book with code - epub (Score 1) 5

It is easy to search on Amazon if you load up your book with proper keywords. So someone looking for a book of code snippets would find you. This is how I found the Excel macro snippet book I needed.

There are Excel macro specific help web sites so I have to assume there are similar sites for the code you produced (either by language or function). If not set one up yourself. If a site exists join the community - answer people's help requests and in your sig line have a link or title of your book, subtle advertising. I am not good at social networking but I suspect you add those tools as well (Tweet about code issues). I have watched YouTube videos about coding in languages I don't know - you could create a channel there. Again cross promote the epub book.

Comment Write a book with code - epub (Score 1) 5

So write a book with your code described and listed and use epublishing to get it out. I suggest a price like $2.99 on Amazon (to get the maximum cut yet still be cheap enough for an impulse spend). Then set up a programming internet help site where you can answer questions and push your book to people who have visited. Include the option to sell them the code say they pay for a download of all the code segments . The heavy code users will pay to not to have to retype your code segments (in the epub book) and people with just a small need will get the cheaper book. Excel macro sites are set up like this, though some of them have actual physical books (I am saving you the nightmare of trying to get a book published).

BTW this advice must be paid for, thanks for subscribing....

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