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Comment Massive bandwidth requirements (Score 2, Interesting) 305

At a modest resolution of 1024x768 and a playably smooth 25fps, we're talking 20Mbps bandwidth uncompressed. Adding compression to the mix will reduce the overhead sure, but seriously sacrifice the image quality. I don't believe the internet infrastructure could support more than even a handful of gamers in the same street playing lag free, not to mention being totally prohibitively expensive for those on metered or 'traffic shaped' broadband solutions. It's a nice idea (old) idea though.

Comment Everyone can see what they are trying to do... (Score 2, Interesting) 287

Don't be fooled, there is no way this ammendment will go through, and the UK government knows this. The only motviation for proposing such ridiculous changes is to be seen to be tackling piracy and copyright issues, which they can then blame on the EU when they refuse these new powers.

Comment I think the idea is... (Score 1) 269

...that you don't reveal that information. The point of the effort would be to point out how ridiculously easy it would be to abuse the system. Just recently, the FBI was criticised for creating 'honeypots' of illegal pornography. What's to say that the RIANZ won't implement a similar tactic? We already know what lengths these companies will go to in order to make an example of a small few.

Comment Experts are selfish, there's an eye-opener. (Score 1) 266

I've spoken to a number of colleagues about Wikipedia; in fact itâ(TM)s quite a recurring topic here. They all harp on about the inaccuracy of the articles as if the creators of Wikipedia are claiming all their material is 100% fact.

The reality as we've discussed here, is that they are not of course, but the main problem is not the inaccuracies of the articles, it's the point-blank refusal of additional experts to even entertain the idea of sharing their knowledge and why should they? The people with the knowledge and expertise to make coherent contributions to Wikipedia have likely spent years in academia or employment gaining their knowledge through experience and hard work, why should they simply give it away?

Experts are selfish, and they are also the worst people for criticising Wikipediaâ(TM)s accuracy and doing nothing to help correct it.

Comment Re:And so it begins (Score 1) 610

This is a real shame. Its obvious from the past few years that Apple have realised, like all other businesses, that they'll make more money through ruthless business tactics.

The romantic notion of Apple being David to Microsoft's Goliath is apparently too good to be true.

Different sides of the same coin / The devil has many names / [Insert cliche here]

Here's rooting for the next underdog

Comment Just turn the damn thing on (Score 1) 684

I'm bored of reading about the doomsday preachers. If the LHC blows the planet into smithereens, we won't have to listen to these pedantic pessimists anymore. If the LHC doesnâ(TM)t blow up the world, the pedantic pessimists will retreat into their shells and we still wonâ(TM)t have to listen to them anymore. Win win! Flick the switch homies.

Comment Re:Bad Logic (Score 1) 342

Not really, especially in the days when you had Intel and AMD racing to be the producer of the fastest chip.

You mean the days when AMD were blatently ripping off Intel's IP and selling it cheaper? Ah yes, competition at its finest.

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