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Comment Beer drinkers rest easy (Score 1) 468

A few minutes of searching on CO2 manufacturing.


The most common operations from which commercially-produced carbon dioxide is recovered are industrial plants which produce hydrogen or ammonia from natural gas, coal, or other hydrocarbon feedstock, and large-volume fermentation operations in which plant products are made into ethanol for human consumption, automotive fuel or industrial use. Breweries producing beer from various grain products are a traditional source. Corn-to-ethanol plants have been the most rapidly growing source of feed gas for CO2 recovery.


CO2 produced at the breweries may very well be the source of CO2 for the beer taps. I think it is safe to say the there is no net gain in CO2 (carbon) in the system.

The CO2 produced from natural gas, coal and other hydrocarbons are another matter.

Also, I don't believe that cow farts increase the net CO2 (carbon) in the system.

Comment Not too suprising to me (Score 1) 242

I worked for a large semiconductor company in the R&D group. We had top Phd's from around the world. Some of the Phds would sit in their office and only write patents. They would receive $10,000 bonus for each patent that was granted. This bonus applied to anyone in the company. I know of at least one case where a lowly tech support person received a bonus.

Companies make very much money on patents. My predecessor had to restore five year old tape backups to help win a case in court. The case was worth hundreds of millions plus license fees.

I am sure that IBM also have patent incentives. If the patents lawyers think they can get money, they will submit the patent.

Comment Re:Sting theory isn't science, cold fusion is. (Score 2, Informative) 373

Modern "fusion weapons" still get most of their energy from fission. The fusion reaction creates huge amounts of neutrons that allow the U238 tamper and casing to fission. U238 does not fission on its own. U235 will. Upwards of 75% of the energy will come from the fission process.

The exception is the so called "neutron bomb". The U238 tamper and case is replace with lead or some other material that will not produce fission. It is a relatively small yield bomb, but produces much neutron radiation.

As a power source fusion will produce neutron radiation. This will make the surrounding equipment radioactive. The one exception to this is fusion with He3. ( Helium with an atomic weight of 3 ). It is very rare on earth. In a fusion reaction ( I think with deturium ) it will produce no neutrons. It is truly a clean source of energy. The sun has been producing He3 and expelling He3 for billions of years. Surprise, the moon has an abundance of He3 in the regolith. Once we have a viable fussion power plant, that is why will be on the moon.

Disclaimer. I am not a nuclear physicist. I just have too much time on my hands.

Comment Re:Why so negative. (Score 1) 266

Deaf? Not to be too harsh, but please come back when you know what you're talking about.

Since you obviously know the subject, maybe you can comment on three items of my post:

Been there done that. is correct.

1. Who has the primary duty to avoid such a collision?

The Officer of the Deck ( OOD ) He is in charge of the current operation of the ship. That being said. The captain has ultimate responsibility.

2. Is it reasonable to expect a surface ship to see a submarine 30' below the surface at night?

Yes it is. A submarine is over 50' tall. So a submarine at 30' keel depth would be on the surface. If you consider that the top of the ship is 30' below the surface, No.

3. Would it be expected that many sailors aboard the sub will hear 100,000 HP diesels of a surface ship a couple of hundred feet away?

The temperature of the water varies with depth. It effects the way sound propagates through the water. It is very possible for a submarine to be directly below a surface ship and not hear it.

In my opinion these answers, made by a competent person, would be far more useful than guessing about me and at the same time telling nothing on the subject of discussion.

One of the most dangerous times for a submarine collision is during the process of going to periscope depth. The submarine may not hear a surface ship until it is to late. Chances are this is what happened. It has happened before. A US ballistic submarine sunk a Japanese freighter in the pacific some years ago.

The quote in the article about more than 100 nuclear weapons were involved is pure bullshit. A fast attack submarine is limited to a few cruise missiles. Given the area of operation, most if not all would be armed with conventional warheads. There is no reason for a marine assault ship to carry nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:Phenotype!=genotype (Score 1) 290

Being in the North Atlantic in a winter storm on a round hull boat is not fun. I would much rather be in an older style v-hull shape boat.

Suit yourself, I would have much rather stayed home that day.

I would like to say I would have much rather stayed home also. It is one of the many joys of signing your life away by joining the military. I enjoyed it very much. I met many people and visited many countries during my time. Small price to pay.

Comment Re:Phenotype!=genotype (Score 2, Informative) 290

Or perhaps more to the point, consider a WWII or 1950s submarine versus the latest iterations of US submarines

This is a poor analogy. Most WWII and 1950s submarines had v-shaped displacement type hulls which are optimized for surface operations. They were not streamlined for submerged operations.

Most, if not all modern submarines have tear drop shaped hulls that are optimized for submerged operations. They are very poor at surface operations.

Trust me on this. Being in the North Atlantic in a winter storm on a round hull boat is not fun. I would much rather be in an older style v-hull shape boat.

Comment Re:Richardson (Score 1) 193

People get a fscking clue! Here is good insight to the current financial crises. I agree that the government should not be involved. But, greedy people are greedy people. They will stop at nothing to make more money. If the government does not do something than who will? Watch this show. I always wanted to be in a big depression and waste time in a soup line This is not the only contribution. There was also problems with the way stock tradings were resolved. It wiped out many peoples retirement. I do not have the link at this time. Please waste an hour or two of your time. It may be better spent than /. :-)

Oldest Human Hair Discovered In Fossilized Poop 50

goran72 writes "A new study has suggested that strands discovered in fossil hyena poop found in a South African cave could be the oldest-known human hairs. According to a report in National Geographic News, researchers discovered the rock-hard hyena dung near the Sterkfontein caves, where many early human ancestor fossils have been found."

Comment Stars (Score 1) 1397

I worked for an American company that was doing a joint project with several Japanese companies. The project name was named Orion. I had to name about 25 unix workstations. The first names I thought of were Rigel and Betelgeuse. I named all of the workstations after stars. Polaris, Arcturus, Antares..etc My favorite was Electra. The Japanese were very pleased with the names. My own workstation has always been named nitro. I never know if it will blow up or run fast like nitro powered dragsters.

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