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Submission + - Recommended SAS Time Tracking Company for SMB 1

mrtwice99 writes: I am involved in a small IT company and we would like a better time tracking solution than Quickbooks provides. However, we have pretty specific fields that we need to capture on the time entries themselves: location work is performed, not-billed reason, class/division, and issue/ticket #. That is in addition to the normal fields you would find such as: organization, project, task, employee, notes, etc. Employees should be able to add a customer or project on the fly. Importing/exporting customers, projects/jobs, items/tasks from/to Quickbooks would be very helpful. It would also be nice if the service provided desktop and mobile phone clients that interface with their service. Fields on time entries need to be able to be bulk updated from the admin interface, i.e. I need to be able to change time entries from "unbilled" to "billed" with ease.

I have tried all 10 services that come up on the first page of a good search along with a few others. ClickTime got close, but its really not going to work. So does Slashdot have a suggestion? Building it ourselves is our next step, but we would prefer to spend our development efforts elsewhere.

Comment Re:Nothing new here. (Score 1) 1252

That's an awful lot of opinion that many on this site will agree with...but its just that, opinion.

The bible has more textual/historical evidence to prove it is accurate than any other historical work:

If you disagree you will need more than opinion...

Comment Re:Costs? (Score 1) 660

Well, at least for HTTP certs, the price is coming down considerably. The Planet has $15 certs: With 99% browser acceptance rate. I used to avoid SSL for my customers b/c of the cost. Now, I don't have any aversion to using them. The low cost certs are just as secure, but they lack some of the "frills" like badges for your site. For most of my customers and their user base, all that matters is the lock icon in the browser and no security warnings when the page loads.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Microsoft Ships Internet Explorer 8 Browser (

mrtwice99 writes: eWeek reports:

Microsoft will release its Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) browser for download on March 19. Microsoft said security, ease of use, and improvements in RSS, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Asynchronous JavaScript and X M L (AJAX) support are key priorities for Internet Explorer 8.

Comment Re:Proven to kill... (Score 5, Informative) 508

"Reversing an eight-year-old limit on potentially life-saving science..." Currently unproven to save even one life, but proven to destroy human embryos.

To back up my post:

After nearly ten years of research[14], there are no approved treatments or human trials using embryonic stem cells.

Comment Re:Proven to kill... (Score 5, Informative) 508

Indeed, and now that a reliable method of making stem cells WITHOUT KILLING has been invented.

Yes, precisely! There are proven stem cell treatments accomplished without killing human embryos:


Submission + - Good Schools with On-Line Masters Program in CS

mrtwice99 writes: I am 27, currently living in Southern Indiana, and am thinking about going to graduate school to get a Master's degree in Computer Science. I would not want to uproot my family by moving, so I have been looking at on-line degree programs. However, I don't want the typical "on-line degree." I would like to attend a respected institution where I am really going to learn something and the name will look good on a resume. Cost is also a factor. So, what really good schools do you know of that offer an on-line masters degree in CS that (preferably) don't cost an arm and a leg.

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