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Comment Re:HP Microserver (Score 1) 355

Since it is on multiple RAID 5 devices and I run a cron job that checks the MD5 sigs against a database I know that it is in good condition.

I applaud your desire to maintain integrity, but if something goes bad, you have to manually restore it. I, too, keep MD5 or SHA hashes of important stuff, but I rely on ZFS and 'scrubbing' for verifying integrity. The benefit is if a bit does flip, it will be corrected, and I will be told.

You should consider it.

Comment Re:Yay (Score -1, Troll) 218

You know, someone could write an allegory about the desire for the geeks to have the consumer appliance "du jour" run an unadulterated Linux distribution. Call the appliance a toaster for all I care. It doesn't matter, because the story is always the same.

10 years ago we wanted some fancy hard drive based MP3 player to run our favorite distro. Now, it's phones. The cycle repeats.

The reason that the geeks will perpetually never be satisfied? We meet women*, we fall in love, we get married, we buy a house, etc.

At some point, you say, "I just want a damned insert name of appliance that works." And hence, Apple.

Fight it all you want, but mark my words.

* - Hopefully.

Comment Re:Set the exchanges to a clock. (Score 1) 339

Better idea - add a low fixed tax on any stock trade, regardless of value or size. Just a $0.01 per transaction would make HFT extremely costly- if you're executing millions of trades per second, that quickly brings you up to billions of dollars per trading day. HFT can't be that profitable. Yet it wouldn't really affect people making actual investments - ones where you actually investigate the company to make sure it knows how to earn a profit.

Yea, what a horrible idea. You'll realize how bad an idea that is when you want to go unload your "investment" and no one wants to buy it.

Liquidity comes at a price. Those who provide liquidity take on risk. It's a generally accepted practice to pay people for taking on risk (see, for example, interest rates).

Come back when you understand how markets work.

Comment Re:from an HFT developer's view (Score 1) 791

However, the amazing advancement in network technology and all these crazy RDMA and 10G user-space network stacks is literally due to the HFT community

This is completely true. Financial applications are driving HPC components in a way that educational and government spending haven't in years and years of use.

Comment Re:I am an HFT programmer (Score 2) 791

Where do you get these price feeds from (or route the prices to) ? surely you could save 5e-7s just by using shorter cables or putting the mic and speakers closer to the traders.

Nearly all market data is transmitted from the exchanges via IP multicast. Typically you will have servers in each exchange to trade on that exchange, but you also will have links pulling in market data from every other relevant venue as well.

See, for example, Spread Networks who made a lot of money by digging a really straight trench from Chicago to New Jersey in order to get CME data to the NJ metro area as fast as possible.

Comment Re:enough lies please (Score 4, Informative) 791

there is absolutely nothing, whatsoever, 'valuable' behind a credit default swap. it is a bet. that is a fact, and its not rocket science, and its not a conspiracy theory, and its not "the ignorant and alarmist" decrying some nefarious boogey man.

You're completely wrong. If you buy a bond from company X, it certainly makes sense to have insurance that if company X goes out of business, you still get your money. And hence, the credit default swap was born. The fact that someone may use the instrument to speculate is a separate issue.

People speculate on everything. It's what you do when you stock up on cans of soup when it's on sale. You speculate that the price is going to go up next week.

Comment Re:Who the fuck is Ted Dziuba? (Score 1) 831

Debian based installation of tools required 4 hours, OS-X / Fink / Google research required 40.

If this is the case, you're an idiot. I'm sorry; I don't know an easier way to put it.

There is no appreciable difference between Debian and OS X in setting up a desktop environment to develop in other than that in Debian, it might make take me some time to figure out what video card driver to use.

What the hell took you 4 hours in Debian? It should take you about 15 minutes on Debian, or Ubuntu, or OS X.

Comment Re:Seems fairly obvious why not (Score 1) 550

Isn't the fact that it's "good, free, and open" the exact reasons the publishers wouldn't use it?

Depends on the band. For instance, I haven't bought a CD version of a studio release from Gov't Mule in quite some time. They offer MP3 and FLAC for purchase right on their own website.

Phish even sells what they call "FLAC-HD" versions. These are 24 bit/96 KHz versions of their live shows.

Not to mention, these, and hundreds of other, bands allow people to tape and distribute copies of their live shows. Those recordings are FLAC as well, often higher than CD quality.

Comment Re:Xcode no longer free (Score 1) 346

I see this all the time yet Apple is the only one to act like this. Why doesn't Google get into hot water over Android, or Intel over all the open source stuff it does?

Because Google doesn't sell a product for which giving away free stuff for can be claimed as a significant upgrade without a price tag?

I'm tired of people complaining about this. If Apple didn't do it, and someone latched on to it as a reason for them to suffer sanctions for improperly disclosing revenue, then everyone would be saying that Apple is a fraud because they clearly have unethical accounting procedures.

Speaking as a member of the developer program, big deal. Either pay the $99 for the year or pay the one time $4.99. Chances are, you'll get XCode 4 for "free" with Mac OS 10.7.

Speaking as a shareholder, this is just one more example (in a line of many, many others), why SOX hurts the US economy and stunts ingenuity and growth of US companies.

Comment Re:AC is not offtopic (Score 1) 124

What that means is indeed absolute proof. Unless an error is found in the math, this means everything we've been told about the "benefits" that Wall Street offers society, for at least a generation, is hogwash.

You're an idiot. No, seriously, you are. The fact that you can take something you don't understand and make a sweeping statement about something else you don't understand is direct testimony to your [lack of] intelligence.

The proof is about lack of a closed form solution for an options pricing model. There are plenty of real world engineering problems for which analytical solutions do not exist and only numerical solutions work. Yet, we don't worry about planes falling out of the sky or your TV not working because you can't "solve for x." Same deal for this.

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