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Comment Bin Laden porn (Score 1) 537

Of course it is true. This war is about a patriarchal culture seeking to prevent the emancipation of its women. The purpose of women in that culture is to bear children - children that can be reliably sourced as belonging to a particular male - and provide sexual gratification. They are obsessed with wanton Western women. They just want to make sure they stay in the West or on a dvd. They don't want them in their neighborhood or raising their children.The West may be fighting to keep the oil flowing but these guys are fighting to keep their women as chattel.The more patriarchal the culture, the more obsessed it is with sex and power..

Comment Re:Medical... (Score 1) 727

My dentist is installing a machine that will allow him to custom make crowns while you wait. What with all of the 3D printers coming out I imagine it will not be long before the mold can me made from an impression taken in the otorologist's office and manufactured on the spot.

Comment Regular person here (Score 1) 388

I do not allow anything but AVG and Comodo to automatically download. I check the chatter on Windows patches before installing them because, as you know, they sometimes cause problems. I signed up for Secunia's reminder service which makes updating easy. However, it always indicates that java needs updating when it does not which I know because I check. I recommend this method to all my fellow female retiree friends. I think it is interesting and perhaps would surprise Slashdot that many of these retired females are in charge of the home pc.

Comment AP Considers Making Content Require Payment (Score 1) 425

There are too many issues floating around in the same pot. For instance, I think Local news has enormous growth potential. My little suburban paper has a few stories a day. I know that way more is going on. I would like to see a site that had lots of moderated reader submitted stories, pictures of new babies, remembrances of those who have died, pictures of what the town used to look like, police logs, even more local advertizing which very few tradesfolk ever do around here anyway. I think ther is room for volunteer reporters, stringers at least and that this could evolve, WOULD evolve, into meatier stories down the line covering government and zoning and such. The other sub issue is how much the payment would be. Old Media is still thinking about Old Pricing, pricing based on physical products and local consumption. But now there is no physical product and the audience is the world. I would pay the New York Times or the WaPo $5 a year. They might scoff at such a sum now but then now they are thinking about circulations primarily in their cities, not circulations worldwide which is what they could be. But there will be no worldwide if the subscription is $100 a year. Anyway, as usual, a very interesting discussion.

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