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Comment Re:An imagined problem. (Score 1) 412

I must admit I was wondering why Wiki needs to be making money. I recently watched a program where the creator of Wikipedia was being interviewed and he was saying that they have hosting costs, around 10 employees mainly there to run servers and answer press calls and thats about it. The site is non-profit with that. The interviewer seemed amazed that the guy is not a dot com billionaire but at the same time the creator seemed not too fussed. He seemed more happy that he had the 8th most visited website in the world on his CV. That likely makes him plenty of money alone.

Comment Re:Why does Apple get a free pass? (Score 1) 477

Actually I think its more than just a few people on Slashdot or other random forums on the net. Also the term free pass is fitting. The last few times M$ tried antyhign this stupid, arguably less stupid, they were sued by the EU unfer various acts. Why is it OK to sue M$ at an international level and not Apple. To open an API, charge developers to use it and then say you dont like the work so its not being published is complete balls. Is it possible to put together an alternative website of apps for the iPhone. That way the developers that are rejected can post there as well as those that are accepted if they wish. Apple can't be allowed to stop such a system otherwise they "should" be hit with unfair market practices. The developers do not have to say if the app has been rejected by apple or not. So they are not breaking the NDA.

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