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Submission + - The Pentagon Papers Have Been Released (

An anonymous reader writes: The complete, unredacted Pentagon Papers is available in pdf format at the National Archives. Several gigabytes of data. Too bad their website is completely incapable of hosting such important data. "Papered" will replace "Slashdotted" to describe bringing a webserver to its knees by posting suddenly popular content.

Submission + - Canada Opts-in to US No-Fly List (

ablair writes: The Canadian House of Commons passed a controversial government bill Wednesday that forces airlines to hand over passenger information to the U.S. government for all domestic & international flights that pass through U.S. airspace. The legislation gives U.S. authorities final say on who can and cannot board Canadian flights. Though the bill was called "a complete abdication to a foreign government of Canada's duty to protect the privacy of Canadians, and a cessation of existing Canadian legal safeguards." by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the final vote wasn't even close: 246 to 34, with only one party opposed.

Comment Re:speaking as a Canadian to the USTR (Score 1) 277

Because the people who back he IIPA are the same people behind the networks who stream everything for free to people within the US (via HULU etc), but decided it's not worth their time to try and secure advertisers in other countries, and put them all on a IP ban list. It shouldn't be a big surprise that when there are no legitimate avenues to obtain things, people would resort to piracy. But I doubt they actually care, because it gives them fodder to argue for tighter restrictions..

Comment hypocrasy (Score 1) 375

Perhaps then they should reconsider hiring marketing firms to create bogus youtube accounts (which go to great lengths to appear to be owned by trendy youths) to post full videos of their artists works. You can't complain about the medium if you are using it to your advantage...

Submission + - New TV Show May Violate Child Pornography Laws 3

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Contra Costa Times reports that executives at MTV are concerned that some scenes from the provocative new show "Skins" may violate child pornography statutes defined by the federal government as any visual depiction of someone under 18 engaged in sexually explicit conduct. "Skins" is an import from Britain, a country that has historically displayed a higher tolerance for TV eroticism and episodes there included simulated masturbation, implied sexual assault, and teenagers disrobing and getting into bed together. The early episodes for MTV, including the third one, are virtually identical to the source material. The Parents Television Council, a TV watchdog group, has labeled "Skins" the "most dangerous program that has ever been foisted on your children" and has asked Congress and the Justice Department to investigate because unlike "Glee" and other TV shows depicting sexually active teenagers, the actors in "Skins" are still teenagers, rather than actors in their 20s. However MTV says the show addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way. "We also have taken numerous steps to alert viewers to the strong subject matter so that they can choose for themselves whether it is appropriate.""

Comment Who didn't see this coming? (Score 1) 2166

Gun control is clearly to blame -- If she had been packing heat, she could have defended herself! But seriously folks... If any good comes of this, it will be in the form of a people's movement that calls for greater responsibility in political speech, to disagree rather than demonize each other. Here's hoping Jon Stewart picks this up and runs with it.

Comment Re:not just japan (Score 1) 315

Hi there. It's great to see that you've bought into the video game industry's marketing juggernaut (thereby identifying yourself as a gamer, keen to spend more money on said games), but some of those companies have contributed some quality titles; possibly not of your generation or preferred genre, but true none-the-less.

Submission + - Russia targets dissidents with anti-piracy raids (

Jeremy Erwin writes: The Russian Government is using the pretext of software piracy to suppress dissident organizations, seizing computers and shutting down websites, regardless of whether the targeted groups actually use unlicensed software. Similar groups, allied with the government, remain immune to harassment. The New York Times article notes that Microsoft's behavior has not been completely above board.

Comment Re:New headline (Score 1) 620

CCP is one of the few companies that understands it's player-base and consistently treats them right. EVE players do not want to be babysat. They do not want to be protected from their own stupidity. If they want to be able to take a risk, they don't want some in-game barrier preventing them from doing what they want with their own (virtual) property. And so, CCP lifted the restrictions on PLEX, with a HEAVY warning as to what could happen if a player choses to leave a station with PLEX in the hold. So what does this guy do? He takes 74 of them, in a KESTRAL (which, for those unfamiliar with EVE, is basically a newbie ship). No amount of armed escorts would have made a difference because this ship will be rubble in 2 shots. This person chose to gamble, and they lost.

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