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Comment Re:Too Little Too Late (Score 3, Informative) 195

This. You are likely not too save much money if you like sports in general, and get all the sports channels, or movies in general, and get all the movie channels. But if you are croquet (and no other sports) and documentaries (and no other movies), and get the Croquet Network and the Documentary Channel, and nothing else, you might come out ahead.

Comment Re:Auto-update bad for enterprises? BUNK! (Score 1) 218

You're thinking about this bass-ackwards. For a stable corporate release, use the ESR of Firefox. Don't try blocking things in DNS--for two reasons. First, there are now lots of mobile machines likely to be on the corporate networks (personal laptops, tablets, smartphones), and there's no reason to block them. Second, lots of corporate machines are notebooks, so they are going to be online outside of the LAN, and will autoupdate there. So better to go with a different release path than to try to do this at the firewall.

Comment Re:cost vs sales curve (Score 1) 629

Exactly. If someone came up with a business plan to sell hearing aids of comparable quality at half the price, the insurance companies would push customers to use that vendor. Those insurers who did so could offer lower premiums and thereby attract more customers (or keep their current ones). The fact that this hasn't happened suggests that it's not so easy to sell hearing aids for less, contrary to what many commenters are saying.

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