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Comment Re:Cognitive bubble (Score 1) 1063

No shit. People that don't have access to insulin will die more often from diabetes. So fucking what? They introduce this interesting phenomenon that even wealthy and seemingly healthy Americans have lower life expectancy than those in other affluent areas, and then they don't explain shit about why they think that is the case. Do you care to explain it?

Comment Re:OUTRAGE!!! (Score 1) 1063

This research doesn't reach conclusions. It doesn't prove any causal link. It's just data. People must draw their own conclusions.

Which leads me to the question, how the hell did they draw these retarded conclusions?

Given this statement: Americans fare worse than people in other countries even when the analysis is limited to non-Hispanic whites and people with relatively high incomes and health insurance, nonsmokers, or people who are not obese.

Conclusion 1: social inequality causes it. WTF? They just said that people with relatively high incomes and insurance still fare worse!
Conclusion 2: limited availability of contraception for teenagers causes it. WTF? This may indirectly contribute to more people in the world, but how does it affect the life expectancy of those teenager's babies or anybody else?
Conclusion 3: community designs that discourage physical activity such as walking AND individual behaviors such as high calorie consumption cause it. WTF? They just said even after limiting analysis to those who are not obsese Americans still fare worse.
Conclusion 4: air pollution causes it. I suppose they didn't have time to look at the data again while limiting to low pollution areas?

Comment Re:It's cuasing labor to have to be higher-qualifi (Score 1) 544

Too true. It used to be that more people had to grow food. Now that one person with huge machinery can do the farming of 70 peasants, the other 69 people have found other useful things to do. Peasants didn't have smartphones, YouTube, or fine art. A lot of people are employed in creating different things that people value.

If you only have the skills to do what a robot can do, and the robot costs less than you, then you are obsolete. I don't have pity on you. Fortunately, there are very few people who fit that description.

I imagine that people will spend most of their time in the automated utopia trying to entertain each other. Whoever entertains the most effectively can buy the best entertainment for themselves. LOL

Comment ROHC on LTE (Score 1) 562

It gets worse than this.
Your wireless bill is highly dependent on usage, considering the typical 5GB limit. LTE links are going to start using ROHC (RFCs 3095, 5225, etc.) as soon as interoperability and stability is good enough. I know because I'm developing it.

Do you think the wireless vendors will charge you for those 40 bytes of IP/UDP/RTP headers that were compressed down to 1 byte? Damn right they will.

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