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Comment Re:First PHP post (Score 2, Insightful) 244

(as you are mod'ed Funny, I'm not entirely sure if your sarcastic or really unknowing)

This is honestly one of the most idiotic and ignorant thing to say about PHP. PHP has it's quirks, and wierdnesses. But it's not any less of a language or platform then anything else.

It did not have any special facilities or out-of-the-box features, prior to 5.3. But it has had FastCGI support for ages. It's honestly the only requirement you really want to scale PHP. You can deploy as many PHP workers as you like. Combined with a shared or replicated webroot and database, you have a really simple and SOLID scale path.

Now when 5.3 is getting more and more deployed we also have PHP-FPM. A dedicated and officially supported process manager to pool and manage php workers. Just like FastCGI, it's architecture is super simple, and a blast to work with. One of the additions is "per pool php.ini", were you run the same instance of the manager but with entirely different PHP environments.

Remember, the PHP philosophy has always been KISS, "Keep It Simple, Stupid". PHP in it self is just the language and runtime. Scaling is deliberately left outside of the core, and developed by people more skilled in that particular area. (Ok ok, its not entierly seperated from the core. PHP-FPM had some minor changes made to the 5.3 codebase to cater for their architecture).

Comment Re:saving money (Score 1) 224

Very true about responsibility.

But I still think that the root cause to why this tech was developed is to catch pot-heads and the likes. I don't think it's "financially viable" to develop drug detection technology with the sole purpose of helping in the handling of irresponsible people.
If our policies were better, it might be true. Just like with breathalysers and DUIs.

Comment Re:check out this awesome song (Score 1) 330

You get a much healthier lifestyle if you avoid over eating or over doing any of the three main nutritional groups.

There, fixed that for you.
Carbs ain't bad for you. Shit loads of carbs is. To little carbs is also bad for you.

Btw, there's more stuff in meat then just protein, carbohydrates, and fat. A lot of it is carcinogenic, even more in cooked meat. To much meat ain't good for you either. A balanced diet of everything is the best.

I'm a vegetarian my self, and restrain my self from eating meat out of political reasons (i'm an anti-consumerist). I can get all the nutrients I get from meat, from veggies. It just requires you to do some reason your self.

The problem I see (and experienced*) with a special lower-then-normal-carb diet, is that as soon as you hit your desired weight. You will go back to your old habits.
This is cuz' a diet ain't permanent, only temporary, to solve a temporary problem you have with your weight.

What I'm trying to say is that it's a typical scenario of "Don't medicate the symptom, medicate the cause". Special weight loss diets are medication for your symptoms of overweight, not your problematic lifestyle. Think about it, your not going to WANT to eat Weight Watchers crackers for the rest of your life.

* I went from 130kg to 80kg with a low-carb diet in just under a year. Then jumped back to 120kg within 2 years. Now I'm at 75kg, cuz' of a proper lifestyle, free from over sweetened food, additives, and cheap meat (If you want to eat healthy meat, it will cost you. It will cost you a lot, cuz' proper meat ain't cheep).

Comment Re:I stopped reading the responses after... (Score 1) 920

To say that cannabis is non-addictive is a lie. It's far from as addictive as nicotine, alcohol, or opiates. But it's still addictive.
Addiction is not only physical addiction, but also psychological addiction. It's just as potent as gambling, playing video games, and procrastinating.

If we ever want this shit to be legal, we MUST stop with this debate, and start looking at it for what it is. Recreation, medicine, and depending on who you ask, a spiritual tool. It's safe, but not entirely. It has it's pros and cons, and just like beer and wine, can be enjoyed in moderation, but can also be a source of serious abuse, and self-destruction. Cannabis can be a devastating addiction for some one who is depressed or generally bored/under-stimulated.

Any one why claim cannabis is non-addictive, have NO idea, what so ever, about addiction. Any one who do not acknowledge the addictiveness of cannabis is bias, and has nothing to do with the cannabis debate.
Psychological addiction can be just as hard to break as a physical addiction. Most heavy pot-smokers have problems sleeping the next 3-7 days after quitting.

FUD can come from both sides, so don't think that "fighting the good fight" relieves you from the duties of gathering correct information.

Comment Re:Stream over 3G ? (Score 3, Informative) 166

Who the hell is crazy enough to try to stream a full show episode over 3G ? Get a grip, people, use wifi like everybody.

People who live in places where bandwidth isn't overpriced. I live in Sweden and I pay about 15$ for unlimited data. I could also pay less, and get 5,10, or 20GB and a throttled pipe if overdrawn. 3G is fast. It's fast enough to stream video. Heck, I even resort to setting up a portable hotspot some times just to torrent stuff.

Comment What kind of resources (Score 1) 738

We have just under an unlimited amount of resources on Earth.
Oil is just a fraction of all the resources we have. Coal is just a fraction of all the resources we have.

We could invest in proper nuclear reactors, with minimal waste. We could invest more in fusion reactors. Fuck, why even care about such complicated ways of extracting energy, when we could invest in the likes of solar power, tidal power, wave power, and wind power. Most fuel based power (I cant come up with a better word), like coal, oil, and nuclear, is messy and expensive.

The oil companies are starting to see the problem. I promise, the oil companies (the same companies that rule the world) are going to get the same retard safety net that all the banks got, and i don't think we will recover this time.

In the end, it's all about energy, and thats is something we have plenty of.

Who wants to design some open source/open schematics alternative generators?

Comment Are we still trying to... (Score 1) 415

Are we still trying to figure out what this thing is for ?

So far the only, day to day, use case i'we heard people going on about, is to use it as a portable emailer and wordprocessor. I think that's very naive, cuz once youwe had it in your hands, and tried doing some actual typeing, you quickly realize that thats never going to happen.

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