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Comment Re:With the expected Chinese requirements. (Score 1) 146

I can understand how people are anxious about the behavior of the US - but just because the US is evil nowadays doesn't mean that China is automatically good.

I feel we can be open to a discussion of the driving forces and goals on the Iraq war, and the Bush administration. But to state the US = evil is purely asinine. Unless evil is now = the only reason the world has been held together for the last 85+ years. Look what happened last time we, decided to keep to ourselves, ie withdraw from the League of Nations. I think it is a pretty safe assumption that no matter where MightyYar is from he or she is happy to not be speaking German....

Comment Re:It's working (Score 1) 448

Exactly, just like ending the prohibition on alcohol did. Oh no wait, it is exactly the opposite of what you are saying.

I can understand people having different ideas if we were talking about theoretical issues, but when some one starts arguing with history, it is just sad.

Comment Re:substance DEPENDENCE (Score 1) 448

I know exactly where the weed is grown, and who gets the money. It is in no way associated with cartels or terrorism. Your argument is also very hollow, because the problems you cite come from the prohibition of drugs, not the drugs themselves. And even if we throw logic and reason away and accept your premise as correct, then the same would apply to alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate your concerns. But please don't allow your gross ignorance to stop your reasoning; think these things through. It isn't exactly rocket science as we have history to guide our policy. The prohibition on alcohol, and subsequent repeal, is a mirror image of what we face today.

Excuse me now as I get off my pulpit...

Comment Re:Analytics for Mobiles (Score 1) 244

You can't do that with the iPhone or (last I heard) a Blackberry.

Any of them are going to come with crap the manufacturer wants on there, and likely prevents you from uninstalling it as best they can. The carriers are worse, so if you bought a phone with a carrier bundle, you've got all kinds of crap on there you likely don't want.

Yes but if you believe what was just released on Wikileaks then even RIM is working proactively to know what we do on our phones and who we call.... None of this surprises me, and all of it scares me. The only thing that gives me any feeling of security is there is so much being collected it is probably hard to stand out from the herd.

Do my fellow /.'ers think this is just the first program to be found, and there are many more that do the same or worse?

Comment Re:How do you protect your mobile phone (Score 1) 238

While I am no where near a professional, I feel fairly confident in my opinions in that they are opinions... I like the comment from m2vq. I actually like some of the features a Windows phone provides, and dare I say WebOS, or PalmOS, or whatever hp is going to call it next? The op didn't mention what security methods he is currently using, and didn't state his proficiency; I think we can agree that will greatly influence the decision. hp is trying to put some decent hardware with their new OS toy.
I think both of those os options at least allow the user to take some proactive steps to secure his/her phone. If you are still worried, would it not be best to be on a cdma network?

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