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Comment Re:lamest name ever (Score 1) 318

If "it" refers to Firefox, it doesn't seem like there'd be anything preventing Mozilla from increasing the storage for the version number to 2 bytes (or larger) when version 256 comes along.

If "it" refers to Windows, then that's incorrect: Windows version numbers are 64-bits, split into four 16-bit pieces. Just check the version number of just about any EXE or DLL that comes with Windows and you'll see segments >=256 (not the major segment, but only because nobody's gotten to version 256.x of anything yet--there's no technical issue preventing it though). E.g., My Windows 7 installation has kernel32.dll version 6.1.7601.17932.

Comment Re:I think I may know the problem... (Score 1) 513

Given that the D430 and Air came out at about the same time, I don't see how either one could be the clone of the other. (The D430 was announced a few months before the Air, but unless you think that Apple or anyone can design and manufacture a computer in a few months, the Air can't be a clone of the D430)

Comment Re:More like tricked them (Score 1) 295

The second page repeated the questions on the first page, with two of them containing one changed word.

No it didn't. Where did you get that idea? The second page had more questions, unrelated to the first, that the researchers didn't care about the subjects' answers to. The only reason for the second page was so that the subject would need to flip over the first page, which would cause the questions from the first page to stick to the back of the clipboard, exposing the changed questions on the first page. RTFA.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 2) 992

We don't have a right lane for passing only law here, so you're stuck with them. So it may be 85 mph, but in practice you're stuck with the slowest person on the road.

You mean left lane for passing only? If so, sure we do... Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.051(b)

(b) An operator of a vehicle on a roadway moving more slowly than the normal speed of other vehicles at the time and place under the existing conditions shall drive in the right-hand lane available for vehicles, or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, unless the operator is:
(1) passing another vehicle; or
(2) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.

Comment Re:It's Not A Bet... (Score 2) 362

You can spend your whole day on the desktop and forget the Metro UI ever existed.

How do I do that? Sure, I can get to the old desktop, but it's just a desktop with not much on it. If I actually want to start a program, as soon as I hit the Windows key, it switches back to the Metro start screen. So unless I'm expected to put icons for all my programs on the desktop or pin them to the task bar, I'm going to have to use Metro. That said, the start screen doesn't seem much different than putting icons for all my programs on the desktop, and feels like a regression from the Windows 7 start menu--I installed SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012, and instead of organizing the SQL stuff in one folder and the Visual Studio stuff in another folder, my start screen now has almost two dozen tiles on the right, with really pixelated/ugly icons for the SQL 2012 stuff, and no distinction between the SQL tiles and the VS tiles. E.g., there's something labeled "Project Conversion..." is that SQL or VS? Sounds like it might be a Visual Studio thing, but no, it's actually the SQL Integration Services Project Conversion Wizard.

Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 1) 780

Hah! I will settle for finding a 13-14" laptop with 1600x900 resolution and even a bit competitive with mac book air's weight. The only one that I have been able to find a year ago is definitely more expensive than mac book air.

Asus Zenbook UX31 or UX31A? 13", 1600x900 (or 1920x1080), 1.3kg, starting around US$1000.

Comment Re:Linux on Mac?! (Score 1) 780

I don't remember anyone complaining about large pixels before the new MBP came out.

Here's a /. article from 2002, "ViewSonic shows 200 dpi display", where a number of people think the new-at-the-time 200dpi display is great and long overdue.

I know that ever since I got a laptop with a 133dpi screen back in 2001 or so (1600x1200, 15") and saw how good text looked on it, I've been looking for a display with at least that pixel density (preferably higher) that I can use with my desktop computer. The 1920x1080 on a 21.5" (or larger) screen that's popular these days is a regression and just doesn't look as good (it works out to around 100dpi, or lower).

Comment Re:Doubtful. (Score 2) 110

He probably meant impossble for anyone not being Microsoft. There is, for example a tag called autoSpaceLikeWord95 standing for Emulate Word 95 Full-Width Character Spacing; and there is more.

That's a pretty old blog post... it's from 2007, but ISO 29500-1 wasn't officially standardized until 2008. IIRC, the issues he's talking about were problems with the draft standard that MS submitted. They were cleaned up for the final spec. The real ISO standards cost $$$ to get, but a quick Google search shows that MS has documented autoSpaceLikeWord95 as: autoSpaceLikeWord95 (Incorrectly Adjust Text Spacing for Specific Unicode Ranges)

This element specifies adjustments (detailed below) which should be applied to the spacing between adjoining regions of non-ideographic and ideographic text when the autoSpaceDE (Part 1, and autoSpaceDN (Part 1, elements have a value of true (or equivalent). This algorithm typically results in the following:

  • An increase in the inter-character spacing added between non-ideographic and/or number characters and certain full-width characters
  • No inter-character spacing between non-ideographic and/or number characters and certain half-width characters

Typically, applications apply additional spacing between ideographic and non-ideographic characters/numeric characters when the autoSpaceDE / autoSpaceDN properties are applied. This element, when present with a val attribute value of true (or equivalent), specifies that applications shall apply the following adjustments to this logic:

  • Characters in the following Unicode ranges should be treated as ideographic, even though those characters are full-width forms of non-ideographic text: U+FF10–U+FF19, U+FF21–U+FF3A, and U+FF41–U+FF5A. [Note: This results in the unnecessary addition of space. end note]

  • Characters in the following Unicode ranges should be treated as non-ideographic, even though those characters are ideographic: U+FF66–U+FF9F. [Note: This results in the omission of the intended additional space. end note]

Comment Re:Brilliant PR move (Score 2) 225

The $200 isn't the installation cost; that price includes the battery itself. Seeing that a comparable battery for a Dell laptop (e.g. a 97 Wh battery for a Latitude E5420) runs in the $140 range, $200 for battery + installation isn't unreasonable and is hardly exorbitant.

Comment Re:China-made iPad is banned from export? (Score 1) 1116

The government prohibition is against sale into or transfer into those countries. It does not apply to US Citizens of descent from those countries.

It does if it's known that the US citizen is planning on importing it into Iran. As the overview of the US sanctions against Iran says:

EXPORTS TO IRAN - In general, unless licensed by OFAC, goods, technology, or services may not be exported, reexported, sold or supplied, directly or indirectly, from the United States or by a U.S. person, wherever located, to Iran or the Government of Iran. The ban on providing services includes any brokering function from the United States or by U.S. persons, wherever located. For example, a U.S. person, wherever located, or any person acting within the United States, may not broker offshore transactions that benefit Iran or the Government of Iran, including sales of foreign goods or arranging for third-country financing or guarantees.

In general, a person may not export from the U.S. any goods, technology or services, if that person knows or has reason to know such items are intended specifically for supply, transshipment or reexportation to Iran.

Apple -> US buyer -> Iranian would mean that Apple is indirectly exporting from the US to Iran.

Comment Re:Same was said with a lot of tech (Score 1) 302

GPS receivers work well on civilian airliners.

On an old Garmin I took on the plane, it indicated a speed over 500 MPH at 40,000 feet, so I'm not sure how fast you have to be or how high you have to be to disable GPS.

You know, there was a link in the comment you responded to that stated the limits. They are above what you'd normally achieve on a commercial/civilian flight.

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