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Comment Re:Missing mass of the universe? (Score 1) 77

Perhaps someone knows... The more massive the gravitational field, the more time dilation, yes? The farther out you go the less drastic the effect is. Could the rotation just appear (to our frame of reference) to be moving not as fast in the middle (where the gravity is strongest) even though it is moving as it should according to our theories?

Comment Re:Genetically modified how? (Score 1) 559

Humans share genes with chimps, fish, worms, plants, and bacteria. Moving one gene from one organism family to another does not make it inherently bad. It just makes some people squirm because they think it's "icky." You aren't suddenly going to turn into a jellyfish because you ate something with a gene from one in it. This isn't sci-fi.

Comment Finally (Score 1) 147

Emphasis on the part that I felt was entirely overdue.

HB 3782 prevents employers from screening potential job candidates or reprimanding current employees based on information from their social network accounts that would otherwise be private.

ie. They can't just friend you or your friends in order to glean info off of your account and then fire you for it. I would imagine that if you have the info set to openly public it might be in the gray area.

Now if we could get them to remove the stipulation in affirmative action laws that allow them to decide what they think you are (race/gender/etc) and document it after you choose to opt out of offering them the information. (I've had several issues with this in the past few years)

Comment Re:Cloud services are for idiots. (Score 1) 157

Do I use them myself for anything other than music I've bought from them? No, largely because I'm too much of a cheapskate and 5Gb isn't enough to store my music collection.

I never understood why people would use the services like this with such a small storage amount. My collection is too big to take with me (over 300GB) but I have an SD card on my phone (32GB of drive space I literally take with me everywhere). Only has a one time cost. Weighs virtually nothing and is the size of my pinky nail. I can use it anywhere, more places than the cloud reaches with more space than the services typically offer. I can connect it to anything that has a USB jack or microSD slot. Unless the services start offering enough space for me to listen to my entire music collection on the go, they are completely obsolete already.

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