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Comment Re:also (Score 4, Funny) 289

On the plus side, somebody on the "care team" gets to wipe his ass once or twice a day.

What I see is "Make sure your job contract does not state "and other duties" in small print". Also, the paycheck is miniscule... $18.50 an hour for someone who has IT and electrical engineering knowledge? He obviously agrees with Sheldon Cooper's view on engineers :)

Comment Re:Let me rephrase that (Score 2) 576

It is a witch hunt when the target is a small bully as in this instance. Take a large bully, like Verizon, who consistently does awful things to their customers, and you just don't see the same effort, vitriol, or results. It is the weak banding together to go after the mildly more powerful, while the truly powerful continue to act as they please.

Give it time, give it time... *looks at Sony*

Comment Re:Or perhaps... (Score 4, Interesting) 378

Perhaps, but more often than not the IT manager is not directly involved in either the day-to-day operations of the IT department or the said business decisions. It's all budget planning, vendor relationships and issue escalations for them... and thus the disconnect between the business decision makers and IT grunts having to live with them.

Comment Re:So let me get this right (Score 4, Informative) 214

Agreed, I think that's the only functional model for IT - make it a separate unit funded through charge-backs to other units, as opposed to company budget allocation. Every budgeted IT team I've worked for was overlooked and perpetually underfunded. Chargebacks help distribute the costs across userbase and increase visibility into actual IT costs. Otherwise - IT is an unnecessary, non-money-generating department that hemorrhages money and creates downtimes for maintenance of stuff that works anyways.

Comment ICS on SII (Score 1) 192

You know, the only reason I didn't buy a Galaxy S II this boxing day is because it doesn't have ICS... Just refreshed my CrackBerry instead. Samsung should get moving if they don't want to lose customers (though the sales person swore that ICS will be out for S II by January 2012).

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