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Comment This is a joke (Score 1) 371

The assuie government knows full well that US prices don't show tax where as their do so just on that alone their prices should always look 10% higher. I suspect Australian workers get better pay so for physical items at least the staff in the country would likely be more costly.

I think companies use this knowledge to bump up prices in their favour sometimes and I think the government in this instance is passing the blame so people don't ask what they're getting for that 10%.

Comment Re:When the Billionaire makes a move... (Score 1) 183

Not if they're taken to court of unfair business practices in Europe or elsewhere. They can't really grow in search anymore and they won't have 100% of the smartphone market ever so they've possibly reached their limit there. Google glasses almost certainly won't be anything special. Where they can they go with maps or any of their other big products?

Google has enough going for it to maintain their position but I'm not entirely sure they can grow much more.

Comment Re:Let's just set an official category definition. (Score 1) 577

It's still a step up from a terminal. The python code is local but in terms of web development if you're using a scripting language then you probably do work a lot more on a server. Fair enough Java and C# applications are too big and bulky for that but a good vim setup and python on a VM is just as good as doing it locally. It's better sometimes if I don't to muck around with Solr setups on my laptop.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 318

Freedom as well means having to freedom to choose safety over a completely open system. That said,Google could easily resolve the issue by not making you have to open your phone wide open to everyone and instead you add companies that you deem acceptable to a white list rather than an all or nothing policy. To be honest I think they did that purpose to give them the appearance of choice knowing full well most people will end up shit scared to open up their phone just so they can add Amazon.

Comment Re:Where's the lie? (Score 1) 513

I signed up last night just to make sure I get the name I want. I do have to say it is nicely done but I'm already in the process of migrating off gmail to my own domain. I'm not sure I want another freebie that may disappear. I'll give them credit though, my early days pre-Microsoft hotmail address is 17 years old now.

Comment Re:iOs is poor (Score 0) 318

Then don't use iTunes. It's not been a requirement for ages. You may think it looks tired but at least it doesn't look tacky like android. I might be upset over flac if most of my music was flac but it's not and I can convert it to the open apple lossless format but in most cases I use spotify to save space. An iPhone isn't meant to be everything to everyone. You're free to use something else so if you want something more insecure and that rarely gets updated then use android.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 318

iTunes music is dorm free but not that it matters. None of my content comes from iTunes. The only real lock is apps which I could get elsewhere if I jail broke it but I can't be bothered just like I couldn't be bothered to flash android. It's a phone, not my desktop, and if they won't upgrade it then I'll go elsewhere and over all iOS does provide a better experience. Hopefully Ubuntu phone will be as good as it looks and then I can move to that but now I'll take the app limitation if it means a better level of quality and security.

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