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Comment Re:spice (Score 1) 211

Or you could try VirtualBox.

The poster specifically said that he does not want to force the students to purchase Windows, which would be needed with VirtualBox. In any case, if $insertOShere cannot run the software that one needs, then that OS is useless for a particular person. So why run Windows in VirtualBox when the the user could just run Windows on the hardware?

The real solution here is to contact the OrCAD developers and ask about Linux support. Here is their address:

Specifically, their contact page is here:

Write to them and ask about a Linux or Wine-supported version of the software. If we do not express interest in Linux software, then obviously no one is going to write it.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 634

Look at all the paranoid anti-Microsoft loons on this board who won't change their minds even after their greatest idol says they're acting stupid.

When did RMS say that? Oh, did you think that Linus is the idol? Linus doesn't even have toe cheese to eat!

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