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Comment Shortfall is self inflicted (Score 2, Interesting) 480

Companies outsource the entry level positions and only direct hire senior level positions.

The problem is that without the junior level positions, you'll not increase the number of senior level workers. As technology changes, new senior level positions are created and the existing senior level people move to it. So now you have the same senior level people filling both the old jobs and the new jobs but no new senior level people being created.

No company wants to do the training, because it costs them a lot of money. They don't even save money when the employee is more experienced since they have to give them significant raises to keep them from going elsewhere. Every company thinks they can save on training by hiring away these people, but since nobody is willing to train them in the first place, they just don't exist.

Lack of qualified workers? That just means that the company is trying to skimp on training.

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