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Comment Re:drug use is like the ring in the Lord of the Ri (Score 1) 487

Sage advice: Don't think about experimenting. Just walk away if presented with the stuff.

That begs the question - what does one do when everyone else around them is using a drug that, while maybe negligibly harmful, gives them the upper hand at doing your job? Do you relegate yourself to taking out the trash for the drug-enhanced super-performers, or do you bend to the pressure?

It's an interesting topic, to be sure. I am of the same opinion that I am not about to try some random drug, but I am not so sure that I would be able to resist the temptation of a "Limitless" type substance.

Comment Re:Give your current company a chance to counter!! (Score 1) 397

I, personally, have been insulted by counteroffers. I've been offered more money to stay in a current position than to take another position in a different department within the same company - multiple times. I think I would feel the same way even if moving to another company.

A counteroffer is your current employer's way of saying "We've been willing to underpay you for quite some time now, but now that you're considering leaving, we'll pay you more".

This isn't based on merit, or performance, or how shiny your shoes are. It's based on the fact that you've been knowingly paid less than you're worth, and now they're being called on it.

That sucks.
The Media

Rob Malda (CmdrTaco) Joins the Washington Post 232

kodiaktau writes "Slashdot founder and long time cat herder Rob Malda joins the Washington Post per an announcement today. According to the press release, he will be the Chief Strategist and Editor-at-Large working for WaPo Labs." Rob has a more detailed description of the job on his blog: "Don Graham is trying to accomplish something that is a bit of a cliche these days: A startup inside an established corporation. A group that can exist at a nexus between newspapers, websites, cable networks, and TV stations and think about the big picture and the future without the normal burdens associated with a business operating at a large scale. ... They are actively iterating and experimenting in many directions, with strong support from the top of the organization. ... Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli assures me that I'll also be working with the newsroom where I can contribute words, ideas, and tools that will improve the experience of the journalists doing work that I personally believe transcends the bottom line."

Submission + - 2 Billion Bill Handed to Zuckerberg From The IRS? (

smitty777 writes: Due to Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg's move to exercise stock options, he may be facing a tax bill as high as 2 billion dollars. He currently owns some 400 million shares, but has the option to buy 120 million shares more at the rock bottom price of .06 cents each. FTA: "The type of options Zuckerberg holds are taxable as ordinary income when they're exercised, even if the shareholder hangs onto the shares and doesn't sell them. That means Zuckerberg will owe taxes on the difference between what he pays for his Facebook shares — 6 cents — and their market value the day he exercises the options."

Comment Re:Just keep calm... (Score 1) 1059

You're right - pointing out the fiscal impact of supporting these things will only lead to positive change. It couldn't possibly point out that the municipalities funding these operations need to bring in more revenue in the form of higher transit rates, local taxes, federal funding, etc.

I think the only way to bring about change for things like this is to actively point out the fact that everyday people being searched every day going about their normal lives is completely unnecessary and provides very little disincentive for people who actually mean to do harm.

Submission + - How can I protect my GPL project

sdevaney writes: "I have an open source project released under the GPL license. The project is an RPG for the Android OS. This project is freely available at no cost to anyone. I now have a problem where people are taking my project, sticking advertisements on it, and trying to profit from it. No modifications are done or if there are modifications they are not released to the public. How can I protect my project from these types of situations? Should I use a different open source license, or is this an issue with all open source licenses? Are there any other steps I should take to protect my project?"

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