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Comment Re:What detail was revealed? (Score 1) 158

He blogged/tweeted/whatever about an unreleased product and its features..... and that is probably what the blogging policy was about. If you are an employee you don't talk about unannounced products or features without explicit approval. It's one of the most important policies companies have, especially in this industry.

Comment Re:Awful (Score 1) 951

And THAT is the problem. All this "one click" bs. it's not about how many clicks it is to get to the function, it's about how easy it is to perform the task. Ribbons are a confusing mess (at least every one of Microsoft's are) so it makes finding functions a frustrating nightmare because they seem to live in a world of their own physics.

Comment Re:Outdated Headline (Score 1) 162

Any good strategist knows you can't just sit in a fortress and remain safe forever. The same applies here.

That's not to say I disagree with "improving" the security of vital systems (your statement "if they would just secure" implies they aren't, which of course is absurd, our systems are secure... are they secure enough is the question".)

Of course I'd suggest it's equally absurd to think that we aren't actively working to secure our networks.

Comment Re:Century (Score 2) 495

The one who sounds polarized here is yourself bud. So you imply that anyone who responds in disagreement with you is "immature", ie you are right, end of story. Sounds like you might be the one needing some more years of fermenting.

As for your assertion that Obama receiving the prize is somehow absurd, I would have to disagree. The Obama campaign and his work leading to his election was one of the most positive things to happen in the world at that time, most specificially in generating a positve image for America and hope for an improved world culture. Do I think that this is a good enough reason to award the prize? Not necessarily, but i also disagree that it's absurd or that it has somehow completely discredited the institution.

Let's sum it up this way. You post is politically motivated plain and simple

Comment Re:Software engineer vs. computer programmer? (Score 1) 337

So you don't think designers aren't important? I've seen many a broken application due to "coders" with poor design skills. Software designers are as important as the coders themselves, quality development houses know this.

That doesn't mean a designer can't be, or shouldn't be a coder, but it's not required.

Design and implementation, two different things.

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