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Comment Re:I have to agree (Score 1, Insightful) 728

Sure, it's no longer as popular to hate on homosexual people as it was in the past, but we have all new forms of hatred and intolerance which our modern society deems acceptable, and which will be just as subject to the next generation's ridicule and derision.

Atheism is the new red-headed step-child.

Hold on, hating on religion is popular, not hating on not-religion. Grow up.

Comment Re:It's not a choice (Score 1) 728

Only none of your reasons for acquittal apply here. There was no trial error and he wasn't innocent. There is no doubt as to his guilt (as there was no doubt about the guilt of Oscar Wilde either), it's just that the law that they broke was absolutely abhorrent.

Exactly! So it's not a question of pardoning the people that had issues with the law, it'd be a question of repealing the law...

Comment Re:It's not a choice (Score 1) 728

ensure instead that we never again return to those times Then perhaps pardoning him would be a step in the right direction?

Perhaps. But it seems that recognizing that it was a mistake, recognizing it was legal at the time, and recognizing that it shouldn't happen again would accomplish a lot more.

Comment Re:Speak for yourself (Score 1) 583

I likely know more about central banks, the Federal Reserve, and other such nonsense better than you do. I just didn't want to publish a book about that stuff here on /. nor did I care to go into such drivel from somebody who is so impolite as to think they are the fountain of all knowledge in the universe.

Really? You wrote your Ph.D thesis on central bank(ing) as well? We should do lunch. Also, on the internet, I'm a supermodel.

Comment Re:Because they won't feed gay disaster victims or (Score 1) 570

If you even remotely support LGBT rights, please don't donate to these people.

Yes, they actively campaign against gay marriage. Are you saying that negates the worthiness of their charity work? Do you think they spit on gay disaster victims instead of giving them food, or what? Grow up, and realize that not all worthwhile organizations and benevolent acts must be 100% in line with your beliefs to be worthwhile or benevolent.

... what if I'm anti-gay marriage and accept help from an LGBT charity? Does that mean the LGBT charity isn't doing their job?

Comment The mormons ... (Score 1) 570

Surprise, surprise, but one of the world's fastest growing "cults" provides a lay-ministry and completely transparent (as far as tax laws) organization that spends 100% of donations on charitable process. I suppose you could claim that someone is making money somewhere, but the IRS can't find anyone making money off donations ... so I doubt it is happening. The IRS ... you know, the guys who took down Al Capone. Now that's an impressive credential.

Comment Re:Just ask a Scotsman... (Score 1) 472

Actually, I'm a reasonable approximation of a Scotsman by heritage, although 3rd generation in Canada.

... you're not anywhere close to being a scotsman. But you can keep believing that your cultural heritage is some place different that where your dad and grandad grew up ... if it makes you feel better. Won't make it any more true than the third generation italians who claim to be mafia, simply because they have a grandparent from Sicily.

Comment Re: The way things are supposed to be. (Score 1, Insightful) 472

Interesting thing is that when looking at history societies tend to become matriarchal shortly before they collapse. They may stay around for 100-200 years of being matriarchal but collapse they do. The interesting thing is that the same societies were around for many more centuries or millenia prior to that as patriarchal societies. Makes one think.

Care to back that statement up with some examples?

pshaw. Examples are for democrats. I can refute this on pure gumption and old-fashioned crotchety-ness.

Comment Re:Inspired by a 40 year old camera? (Score 1) 263

People are just jealous of Apple's brilliant innovations in the areas of rounded black rectangles, white box packaging, grid-like arrangements of icons, and, yes, accessory ports.

Apple would never copy other companies' designs. They have way too much integrity for that!

I love the fact that this was marked TROLL, not Funny.

Comment Re:Awesome. (Score 1) 168

... congrats, but you totally missed the part where I was making fun of you for assuming that "football" means NFL. Because, well, only in a very small (but obnoxious) part of the world is this the case.

So, I wasn't trolling you, but you totally over-reacted, and now I'm going to claim I was trolling you ... because I seriously cannot believe someone would be as thick as you. Let me guess, you'll now claim to be trolling me. Good job, nub. l2p and come back when you've hit puberty.

Comment Re:Awesome. (Score 1) 168

You are missing the point, the point is having both options the same and knowing your opponents are playing by the same rules. If I want to play a FPS with my mouse and keyboard, I play it on my PC. If I feel like laying back and playing with a controller, I would play it on a console. Yes it is 2 different fields of gaming, but that dosn't make fooseball a bad game when that is what you feel like playing, but when one person wants to play fooseball, he should have the option to find other people who want to play fooseball, and not lose the game because one player is using the rules of football, and tackles him while he's opperating the fooseball table.

... You do realize that we're not talking about american football vs. fooseball. We're talking about real football vs. the tabletop kind. If you're going to attempt an argument, at least *try* to get with the program prior to posting?

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