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Comment Re:or just (Score 2) 1223

A religion is - imo- a way to control a mass of people by fear, and since so many people are ready to trust anything, it can only lead to mass stupidy and conflicts.

I just wish that everybody could read between the lines of all thoses books and religious statements, and just find a good way of living WHILE using their brains and think for themselves.

But I guess it's just a wish... not everyone was given a brain at birth ;)

Comment Re:Minor suggestions - Fixed! (Score 1) 1154

Here's how to fix the Linux desktop:

Make it polished and reliable.
Enforce a single GUI environment.
Have it run real productivity applications (e.g. MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Mathworks Matlab).
Make it certified under Single Unix Specification [].
Make it support smooth trackpad gestures.
Those are just some minor suggestions.

There, fixed it for you :)

Comment Re:Five years?! (Score 1) 214

Those organs would be LOST anyway... Their not beating their wife, they save peoples by ripping of organs from those who actually killed their wife or someone else. Sound good to me. It should be "We'll stop when we'll be able to grow them in lab" instead.

We should do that here too, as long as we can't grow theses in lab for cheap.

Comment Re:Can we end the CRTC already (Score 2) 404

What canadian culture is ?

-1 Big families (this one is phasing out)
-2 Religion (this one is phasing out)
-3 Living with nature (this one is phasing out)
-4 Food stuff (bacon, "tourtiere" and special thing like thoses ) (this one is phasing out)
-5 85% english 15% french (this one is phasing out)
-6 Hockey, and it's not phasing out...
-7 Try to propagate peace and stuff like that beyond the world, which appear to be phasing out.

So you can resume the entire canadian culture with only 1 word : HOCKEY. it's sad.

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