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Comment An anecdote (Score 1) 404

Anecdote: my work currently has XP, Office 2007 and Lotus Notes. We're looking at replacing Office and Notes with Google Apps ... and XP with Linux or Chromebook-style thin clients unless you can come up with a good reason you need a general-purpose PC. Google Apps is pretty much the hot favourite with lots of people saying "hell yes!"; the second part is just being mooted, but it's being seriously mooted. It'll be interesting. (I can already do all my work in Xubuntu.)

Comment Re:Targeted customers (Score 4, Funny) 372

To buy that thing, one has to order it via Amazon - and fact is that, even today, not many people know how to order stuffs from Amazon.

Well, Ubuntu can help with that! If you search for drivers for your NVidia card, it'll return a link to golf clubs on Amazon.

With the one-click ordering they plan for 13.04, a search for NVidia drivers will see the golf clubs show up at your door the next day. With customer service like that, Canonical will be unstoppable.

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