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Comment So the next upgrade to the rockets is ... (Score 1) 377

A small bend on one of the wings to that it spirals when it flies ...

The next upgrade on the Iron Dome is that it calculates predictable parabolic spirals

Th next upgrade to rockets is that one of the wings gets a hinge that makes it behave chaotically

The next upgrade on the Iron Dome is that the claimed of it's effectiveness are exaggerated

The next upgrade to the rockets is an arduino to make them a little smarter

The next upgrade on the iron dome is to install many many more and faster that can shoot down by needing less reaction time

The next upgrade to the rockets is many many more which makes the workshops easier to find

Ad infinitum ...

Comment I wonder how they did their metrics (Score 1) 297

War sucks ... that is established.

What is a "robot". What type of technology is OK to kill with and what is not ? Is a drone hovering and taking out targets OK ? How about a cruise missile ? Is that a robot ?

Taking out single targets instead of 100 or 1000 ? How about advanced telemetry and intelligence gathering ? What about advances in network theory and game theory that allow for "better" and more effective strategies?

I would say that wars are a lot less likely and a lot less bloody than they used to be, we are going in the right direction. War reporting is a lot more effective. Killing a few people makes it to the news or blogs or youtube instantly and gets you negative karma. The information war seems to be harder to fight.

Comment Be the best (Score 3, Interesting) 76

Be the best Make all information free Choose a good licence Expect to be taken over one day from something better, when that comes along ... help them Make it easy for anybody to use your information It is counterintuitive but the moment you put up protective barriers, you fall over. The moment you depend on an artificial barrier to protect your lead is the moment you will degrade the quality of your product. Happens every time on products and services that grow on openness and suddenly feel the reason they are good is more so because of their qualities than the openness. If you develop a product/service based on a closed environment, that is a different story. It makes business sense to improve your model based on a closed environment until a disruptive product/service comes along.

Comment The timing is seems to be pretty good for ... (Score 2) 72

The timing is seems to be pretty good for the photoshop fail of the Russian orthodox Church Although Nokias PureView was a pretty good one as well :-)

Comment I just realised a Major problem ... (Score 2) 140

I have just realised the major problem with the driverless car !! People knowing their behaviour and hacking it. In other words the cars are being developed to emulate how humans drive responding to normally expected behaviour of other humans. The problem that humans will treat driverless cars differently. For example a human realising that it is a driverless car will cut in front of it knowing it will handle it. A pedestrian will step right in front of it and then step back, or will pretend to walk to the edge of the pavement ... and stop. This is what I can think of now. "Hackers" will understand how driverless cars will behave to external inputs and exploit that behaviour much like hackers exploit computer systems everywhere. It may take much longer to deal with that than it is to develop a safe driverless car in "normally predictable" scenarios.

Comment This is a developing concept ... (Score 1) 63

This is a developing concept with the potential of being a paradigm shift. Now days anything you want to do, there is a YouTube video. From baking bread, to understanding excel, to trying to figure out complex math concepts. Somebody charismatic among a multitude on mediocre has made a video or a tutorial.

We are comparing an old method of tuition with a new concept of online learning. There are elements of online learning that cannot duplicate face to face tuition, but the reverse is overwhelmingly on the side of online learning.

Some of the greatest innovators are self taught. Some of the most brilliant mathematicians/scientists are also self taught. How many more self taught brilliant minds will this produce ? How many more of the rest of us will not have access to knowledge there is no way we would have pursued under the "old" system ?

Comment Re:Sunk? (Score 1) 718

Which carrier parked 10 miles off anybodies border especially in a time of war. Carriers don't travel alone, they travel as part of a carrier group for a reason. Much like an emperors carriage in a time of war does not travel alone or even at the head of the army.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 162

History is written by the victor ... hence a couple of million of evil Greeks thrown out of minor Asia. All the historical sights now being "Roman". The pogrom in the 50s against the Greeks in what is now Istanbul, The expulsion of the Greeks from Northern Cyprus, the Pontian genocide. That's only the Greeks. Check the Kurds, the Armenians and effectively most races in Turkey. Sure ... try calling the Armenian Genocide such in Turkey ... and off you go to the slammer. Where do you think all the Kurds in the slums (Gecekondu) around Istanbul came from. Try calling your self Kurdish a decade ago, or even naming your child a Kurdish name

Turkish fighter jets fly low over Greek islands every other week. Tourists might find it funny, but the US or Russia or most countries would have shot it out of the sky had it happened to them and they have. Turks have often wanted to "liberate" Turks in Northern Greece and have the words largest invasion army on the coast of the Aegean for "training" purposes.

There are many bizarre "rationalizations" performed by Turkey all the time ... but most of the above is just delusional :-)

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